November 5, 2012

Wedding, Birthday and Quarantined!

Wedding..... My cousin Adil got married to his sweetheart Nadiah end of August. The reception on our family side took place early in September. It was held at the Putrajaya Wetland. The whole thing was beautiful..the day itself, the place, the set up, espcially the bride and groom.

To the bride & groom. Though this entry came two months late, if by any chance any one of you is reading this, we wish you two a happy and blessed marriage here and till the hereafter, insyaAllah.

Birthday... Akif, my busuk masam turned 3 on 25th September. Here is a picture of me & him during last raya. From a very quiet boy, he has now become very chatty... ever since he become a big brother. A very loving and protective brother towards his baby sister. The same with my other children, in my heart, I know he is gong to be a great son, brother, person. Mami and Ayah prays only the best for you dear...

Quarantined... Two weeks after the wedding, Sofya was down with chicken pox. Kimi and Hafiy are already immune. Both had theirs in 2008. Alhamdulillah, Sofya had a mild one. Most came out either on her face or inside her diaper area. Still it took about two weeks for all to dried up. She (and me, of course!) were quarantined for two weeks. I had mentally prepared myself to take care of two chicken pox babies in case Akif got infected too. Made him drinks Air Kelapa but nothing came out.

And when all Sofya's spots have cleared, and I was about to celebrate my 'freedom', Hubs spotted one teenie tiny spot on Akif's foot. And we were all quarantined again, for another two weeks. Anyway, I'm glad it is all over now. Chicken pox is after all a childhood disease. Since they are very young, scars disappear fast. Today, about a month after..the spots you see in the pic below are now hardly visible.

Quick update on Sofya:-
Weighs 7.3 kg at 6 months. She was introduced to solid at 6 months 3 weeks. Her 1st solid food was plain rice porridge. Loves exploring and manage to get herself 'far' by slithering on her stomach. She's a very determine girl!

And last..( yes..I'm cramping all in one post hehehe)'s Itsy Doodles new label. Clean and simple. And I love it very much. Thank you to Aiya from Insang Pari, who was very patience with my 'cerewetness' on the design so that I get exactly what I want and how I want it with my label.



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