February 9, 2012

Leisure Sewing : Pillowcase and Pillowcase Dress

The pillowcase is for my mom while the pillowcase dress if for baby dearest,InsyaAllah. remember the huggy pillow I made for my mom a whileeee..back? ( you can read bout it here ).It is now not as fluffy as before. Therefore, I decided to stuffed more cotton fluff (kekabu) and at the same make a replacement case for it.

I recently bought a button cloth mould/maker but had yet to give it a try. So for this special project instead of making the normal slip case or with tie closure as before, I made one using cloth buttons as closure.And I love the result. Emm,..had fun making them too hehehe :D. And this is my first time sewing laces too. I simply love the fabric combo added with cotton lace as embellishment.

And since I have enough fabric left, I thought this combo would also make a sweet dress. As it was my first time sewing a dress, I used a free pattern & tutorials by Made by Petchy and Little Big Girl Studio. This dress was easy to make thus made me feel addicted to make more. I definitely will, if time permits :).

An update on my pregnancy :
I am now 33 weeks along. Based on my previous delivery history (my 2nd & 3rd sons were born on the 37th week) my OB said I may have about 4 weeks more before the baby comes. Have a few more orders to complete and baby projects as well. Hope to finish them all in time. Wish me luck! *wink*

February 3, 2012

Let's see what I have achieved so far from my to sew list..

I have been busy. With everything. In between chasing deadlines on orders, I make sure I managed to cancel off some things on my list of things to sew.

Here are the final pairs of the active pants I had planned to sew for my boys..
Made some hankies which was initially for Hafiy. But Kimi and Akif also claimed one each. These were made using printed cotton flannels I have in my stash and recycle t-shirt on for the backing. Guess I have to make more as one each is definitely not enough.

 As for the little person in my tummy...who is at this moment is now at gestational age of 32 weeks, I made her some baby pants using the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern by Made by Rae. For her quilt, I bought the Love U panel by Deb Strain which I have fallen in love with the first time I saw MyBotang made her quilt using a similar panel.

This excited heavily pregnant mommy have also added baby dresses into her list of things to sew for her baby. I have cut five pieces of dresses using patterns from Made by Petchy and Sew Much Ado. Made one yesterday. And am happy with the result. Will post picture of it in my next entry..emm..maybe :)

For the shop...

Added something new...Key Fobs. They are available and ready to ship.

And some BFF pillows set. Also available and ready to ship

Head over to Itsy Doodles Shop or Itsy Doodles FB page for more details.


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