January 12, 2012

My Leisure Sewing List (to do before I pop!)

Lately I have become so excited about going to have time to do some leisure sewing. Day after day the list becomes longer and longer. And then I will pause and wonder whether I'll be able do them all before I deliver.
Started with..sewing some active pants for Hafiy and Akif. and few pairs of pyjamas for the two of them. Next come day curtains for the boys room and for my bedroom door.

For the baby, I wanted to make a few pair of cute baby pants..and pillow sets with covers. Then adding burp cloths to the list.

As for myself..i planned to make a Ring Sling instead of buying one. FYI, I heart baby wearing :). I already have a buckle-tai which I bought from Snuggbaby. If the RS will be essential in the early months..at least until the baby can be carried in the buckle-tai. Then last night, I got this idea of making myself a few pairs of maxi skirts to wear at home..or anywhere even.

Well, you might think the list is not long enough. But if I only get to allocate time to do all these in between doing orders, do you still think the same now?

Nevertheless, I will still try my best to pull this off. Wish me luck. I'll update you every time I manage to complete any one of that's on the list. Deal?

January 10, 2012

Weekend quick sewing

I got invited by an old childhood friend, Thasa for her 1st daughter, Jeda's birthday party and her 2nd daughter, Madeeha's Akikah feast last Saturday. I didn't have the time to shop for anything nor did I have the time to make anything fancy for the two girls. Since I have always wanted to try and make sling purse for little girls, I thought it would be a great time to try and make one. Alhamdulillah, it turn out great as I imagined it :). And I got feedback from Thasa this morning that Jeda loves her purse and wanted to wear it to kindi.

As for little Madeeha, I googled on what to make for her and came across burp cloths. Thought it would be a great gift for mom & baby as well. Using a plain baby nappy cloth enhanced with designers cotton at one end and voila! Madeeha can now burp in style. I love how quick and simple it was making the burp cloths. I'm sure I'll be making some for myself sometime soon *wink*

As for sewing for my boys..I'm still not done with their active pants. Made two more pairs-one pair each for Hafiy and Akif. Got it done Saturday morning and they worn it to Jeda's birthday party/Madeeha Akikah feast later that afternoon. I sooo love the guitar print! Don't you?

All in all..it was great meeting old friends. Can hardly remember when was they last time we all sit together like this. Probably during primary school years?

 The Girls

New week has begun. Will start working on confirmed orders once again. But I hope to be able to do more leisure sewing in between. By the way. Hafiy, who turned five on 5th January 2012 started his first day at kindi yesterday. He was all excited about school. The first word that came out of his mouth when he got into the car after school was "Seronok sekolah!" (School was fun) :D.

January 5, 2012

Two pairs of 'active ' pants made. Yayy!!

It has been a packed and hectic weeks..the last two weeks of December 2011...All focus and energy was channeled towards Nazmin Delightful Treats activity/business. And Alhamdulillah it was a success.

Finally, yesterday I had the chance to cut the fabrics I bought recently. Had nothing else in mind except to sew Hafiy and Akif some 'summer' pants. They are running out of daily pants to wear anyway. This time I decided to splurge a bit on designers cotton for them. The urges came after seeing Toni of Make It Perfect post - A Gazillion Shorts. She sewed 13 pairs of summer shorts for her children, nieces and nephews. Hers are reversible but mine are not.

I call these the active pants because they can wear it day or night. At home, to their grandma's, going to shops (ermm..not to shopping malls or any formal events though hehe)..or even as their PJ's especially on hot nights what we are experiencing for the past one week. 

Planned to make 3 pairs each out of 3 yards of fabric. However I managed to sew only two yesterday. Hafiy was so excited about the pants, he insisted that I finish sewing them then so he could immediately wears it. It was 7pm..and was not supposed to sew at that hour. But since he 'begged', siap pegi mandi just so he could wear them..how can I resist. Only a wee bit more to sew by the way. By 7.30pm, both kids were already jumping up and down their new pants ,LOL.

Hope to sew four more by this week as I need to get back on sewing orders next week. Simply can't say no to returning customers and old friends requests. But there will be limited custom slots this time. Would not want to stress myself with deadlines..when I should be enjoying every bit of my 3rd trimester moment :). Yup! at 28 weeks this week. Gosh! And oh!Gender of the baby...It's going to be a suprise..for you. Will it be 4 boys or 3+1 this time? I won't tell. But maybe you'll figure out if you follow my blog right to when before I deliver *wink*

The 10 minutes pencil case

Promised Hakimi that I'll make him a pencil case for school this year. So managed to whipped this up on Tuesday afternoon. Used only denim and designers scrap to add some character to the case. I followed the tutorial given by Rozi's Needlework in her FB page on how to sew a boxy pencil case. Didn't really go through the whole tutorial though hehe. By looking at the pictures, got the idea, then went straight to work. Added the strap so it would be easy for Hakimi to carry it around if he needs to.

To see how such simple thing brings delight to him...a bless!


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