July 21, 2011

A clutch purse is..

a medium-to-small-sized handbag with a short handle, designed to be carried (clutched) in one's hand (source here).

I have before sewn a cosmetic clutch but not a clutch purse. And I have sewn wrislets but it seemed that the wristlets are more casual that formal. So I decided to come up with a semi formal-formal kind of clutch to be added to the Itsy Doodles bags collection.

And for this, I tried on two different design of clutches. The first was inspired by Zura lovemelots. I had seen her made this kind of clutches a while back. She named them Cherie :). Here and here are some of the beautiful Cheries she made that was totally stunning.

These are what my version of the Cherie looks like. I named mine the Glam Clutch ;).

As for the second design, it it something much simpler but yet as lovely. This was partly inspired by my Moon-ie bag. Didn't turned out as I imagined it should on my first try. After some adjustment, the result was splendid! *happy*

From my first try...shape was kinda funny ;)

I named this clutch, Eleganz.

I had so much fun sewing the two designs. But my favourite is Eleganz. I just love the way it stands..with the pleats and all. How about you? Which of the two you captures your heart?

Ready made Glam Clutch and Eleganz are available at The Shop. Do come over as you might find one that catches your eyes *wink*

July 13, 2011

For new mommies...

Nursing covers (NC) and diaper pouches. The NCs are for my sister in law (hubby's sister) who gave birth on the 30th of May to a baby boy, Muhammad Sulaiman  and hubby's friend who recently also gave birth to a baby boy.

I love mixing and matching fabric for the NCs and the ric racs gave the NCs a different look. I hope these NCs will encourage the mommies to fully breastfeed their babies for as long as they can and give them confidence especially when nursing in Public. Breast is best!

As for the diaper pouches, one is for a blogger friend who had just been blessed with a baby girl (after having 3 boys in a row) while the other two will be put up for sale at The Shop

For more pictures of these lovelies, hop over to The Shop.

July 11, 2011

Why I super love zipper pouches?

Because of the endless way to use them.You can practically pun anything you want in it. Put some cash, it becomes a purse. Put some jewelry, it becomes a jewelry bag. Stash in some panadols, band aids, minyak kapak, it becomes an emergency bag or your personal 1st aid kit.

Before I can sew one, my zipper pouch collection comes mostly from my mom. Whenever she travels, be it around Malaysia or abroad, she never fails to take home a stack of zipper pouches as souvenirs for her herself, daughters and also her colleagues.

A part from the various ways you can use it for, as mentioned above, zipper pouches are also great for keeping your bag tidy. So recently I sew a few sets of zipper pouches in various sizes for the shop.Below pictures show how zipper pouches can help you organize your bag.

Next is the picture of one of the zipper pouch set that are available at the shop. This cute  fabric has pictures of handbags printed all over it. It comes in two colours - pink and blue. Being a fan of pink, I bought the pink one of course ;). What do you think? Cute, kan? I meant the fabric design...not the pouches. But if you think the pouches are also cute, thank you hehehehe *wink*

July 7, 2011

Why buy when you can make your own...

BAG! What else? Hehehehe...Yup! I made myself a new bag recently. It was to replace my Carlo Rino, where most of its handle have peeled off. The handle was not made of leather and was coated with thin shiny material. I have not been wearing it long pun but since the peeling gave the bag an ugly look,I guess it was time to put it away.

I already have a Mama Bag (see here) and Weekend Bag (see here). So what I needed was a bag for my quick outings like maybe to the nearby supermarket or to wear when I'm going out for dinner, where all I need to bring along are my purse, my phone and maybe a pack of tissues.

So I made this bag and I named it the Pesona Bag. It's made using corduroy combined with designers cotton. Closes with magnetic snap button and has one zippered pocket inside.

See how it perfectly fits my purse and my Tab :), And a pack of tissue.

Pesona bag is now available at Itsy Doodles Shop. Hop over to have a look or custom order one to suit your personality :).


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