February 28, 2013

I'd take you everywhere..go anywhere with you!

I'm in love! Madly in love..with my new bag.. the lovely Go Anywhere bag, designed by the talented Anna of Noodlehead.

I have been carrying my 2 years old+ Chic Mama Tote everywhere I go ever since Akif was about a year old and still using it now, with Sofya as it has enough space to put all Sofya's and Akif's necessaries as well as mine in. The CMT is so convenient that I do not have to carry a separate handbag.

Anyways, Sofya is turning one in a week time. And akif is 3+ already. Lately I don't carry as much stuff as I do few months back. So I decided that it was time to make myself a new bag. And here it is...

Don't you just love it? Hehehe. Well..it's ok if you don't. Cause I DO! and very much too! ;)

I'm happy that I can once again carry a 'normal handbag' though it still looks very much like a mama bag if you take a peek on the inside - Fits 2pcs of diapers, a travel size wet wipes, a change of clothes, a sippy cup, and even a small tupperware of my cik kak's snacks! On top of that, i have my purse, my phone, my vanity pouch thrown inside the bag as well. Not to mentioned I can even carry my 7" tablet inside the back pocket. You think I'm kidding? You gotta own one to believe. Macam poket Doraemon!

P/s - Want one? This superb bag is now open for custom orders. On special offer too for March 2013. Check it our here --->>>  www.itsydoodles.com

February 27, 2013

7, eight, 9, ten,11...Hmm.. let's just fast forward everything to February 2013 shall we

Whooooaaaa..I'm wayyy behind!

My cik kak is now 11 and a half months old! Still hairless, toothless but can stand still without support for like half a minute and have started to take baby steps. She loves to eat (she will go to anyone she sees chewing haha!) and very good at imitating. But one thing I can say about her is that she's a very manja girl  (and a garang one too. Shhhh!).

Kimi is in standard four now (Wow! Time really flies!). Hafiy who turned 6 last January goes to a new kindy this year. Akif and Sofya stays with mommy and become mommy's little helper . Erkkk...yayy? Lol!

My sister got married early this month. Alhamdulillah, everything went well. I was the 'event manager' for that meaningful day..so I'm sure you can imagine how hectic life was for me few weeks back.
Nevertheless, I still make time to sew for my cik kak. Her attire for the whole event was fully sponsored by Itsy Doodles hehe. (In return she has to agree to model for Itsy Doodles) *big grin*

So..these are what I sewn for her...

Everyday Play Dress for majlis akad nikah (solemnization)

May Dress (square neck) reception on our side (bride's)

Tinkerbell top (shirred sleeves & waist), Skirt and a new hat

For the time being..I think Sofya has more than enough dress to wear. So I guess I won't be sewing her anything anytime soon. *I hope I can refrain. LOL!*


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