February 21, 2010


Pretty pretty dotties..

Suitable for dresses, crafts & such
100% cotton
Scroll down to previous post or click here for more details.

Have a happy Sunday!

February 18, 2010

Dotties for sale!!!

Hello friends,

Here are some polka dots cotton fabbies for SALE.
100% Japanese Cotton
All available @ 1 meter only
Selling @ RM10 / half meter

Tiny dots ( SOLD OUT)

Top - Bottom : Blue - Green - Yellow - Pink

Small Dots

Top - Bottom : Green(AVAILABLE) - Purple(AVAILABLE) - Pink(SOLD)

Large Dots

Top - Bottom : Pink(1/2m AVAILABLE) - Black on White(AVAILABLE) - White on Black(1/2m AVAILABLE) - Red on White(AVAILABLE) - White on Red(SOLD)

To order, please email me at:

* All orders will be delivered next week via Poslaju.

February 17, 2010

My babyboo

Babyboo...has a fever.
Must be due to tiredness..was 'dragged' here and there. All because of mami's fabby kraze.
Hope he'll be and feel better today...

*Love Note : Give your baby plenty of BM/ EBM/ FM/ Drinks if he/she has a fever.
If fever doesn't subside within 36-48hrs, go see the DR.

Booties for my babyboo

When i first saw an entry by Rozi's Needlework on reversible baby booties, i knew instantly that this is what i want to make for my baby. The weather is so hot these days that sometimes i let him sleep without any socks at night. I was to make something that's warm yet comfortable to wear and doesn't make my baby's feet sweaty. (and smelly)

My 1st attempt was a disaster. The pattern given was a newborn size booties. I need to size up a little. So..i had to make my own pattern according to Akif's current shoe size. The out come...oklah.. Will make some more, DEFINITELY!

The booties below...made using the pattern given. Aren't they adorable? Thought of giving it to my friend's, M baby girl who is a little over a month old. But worried that these might not fit her, i think i'll give it to another friend's baby, L who is expecting a girl and is scheduled for a C sec this weekend. Hope it fits.

My first handmade..for Me..

After all the years, my long serving Sachs Purse/Wallet decides to retire. The leather dah starts to peel. Before it becomes buruk, i decided to dismiss it from all duties ;P

Coincidentally, the fabric i ordered from SewPrettyPink arrives. I decided to make my own wallet to replace the Sachs. After studying a few tutorials, i decided to do the one by *thedarnkat*.

In two nights...wallah...

*Love Note :
Supermami has no super powers. Therefore..all the crooked, herot-berot, senget-benget stitches is forgivable -_*

My Snugg Mei Tai is here!!

I LOVE it and IN LOVE with it.
Got it last week just before the CNY holiday.
Thank you Liza!
Sneak peek dulu of my snuggy, kay?
Will blog about this later.
*loving in so much...asyik pakai sampai lupa amik gambo ;P

Love Note : If it isn't SNUG,it isn't SNUGG ;)

[disini hatiku: my 1st giveaway]

Another giveaway from a fellow crafter.
I have never won before but that will not stop me from joining.
Will try my luck again.
This time it is by [disini hatiku]
And..they are giving away...
Best kan?kan?kan?
You want join in?
Get the details here.
Giveaway ends 1st March 2010.
Hurry up!

Fabric Kraze...

I have got IT!
What should i do?
I don't think i can stop.
Have i gotten it that bad?
I don't know. You tell me.
Does going to 4 shops in 5 days means i'm incurable?
Well..i don't want to be cured.
I like being in this madness. I know there are many people like me.
And i'm joining them.

Want to have a close look at what my kraziness has gotten me?
I know you do..
Please...drool...Muahahahaha ( my evil's laugh) ;P

Shop 1

Shop 2

Shop 3

Shop 4

However...i didn't buy all that for myself. I did by extra for fellow crafters who might love dotties like i do. So..these underneath will be for sale..SOON. But i have only 1m each for every design. So...do check on the updates on these :)

*Love Note : Where can i find cotton with boyish/ children theme prints?

NureIL's Craft First Giveaway

Yayy!! NureIL's team is giving away ALL of the above!!
Aren't they gorgeous and yummy?

Since i'm new at crafting, these items would really help me get started :)
What would i do with them? Well...
  • Grossgrain ribbon & Satin ribbon - i will use to decorate my baby's plain & boring bath towel
  • Oval cream buttons & sweet buttons - this will be as fasteners for my boys pillowcases
  • Colourful glitter hairclips - since i'm the only girl in d house..all of these will be for me..( maybe i can share with my 2 sisters)
  • Crochet flower Brooch - definitely Mua's
  • Wooden butterfly HP Straps & Butterfly wooden pin - My Mom heart butterflies. And if they 'flew' all the way from Jogja, she would totally love them coz it was in Jogja where she 1st met my father...Aaahhh..
  • Felted cupcake - will be my 1st pin cushion
If you too want to join this giveaway..just click here

The giveaway ends on 25th March 2010.
Still plenty of time. Let's join in the fun!

February 9, 2010


I am finally reconnecting with my long buried passion...SEWING. Why sewing? Why now?
Well, for those of you who missed or skipped from reading my entry a few months back in my other blog, you can read about it here.

First thing i did was, sent my my mom's sewing machine for repair. It cost 1/4 the cost of the latest model of the same function. Kind of expensive but still way cheap than buying a new one. That machine i think is half my age. I remember using it for my 'ERT' projects when i was in form 1.
Singer 2105..too shy to snap the whole machine..

Then..stocking up with fabrics. Some i bought online while some were from a textile store near home.

Bought from Maymayshop

Felt samples from MsCraftShoppe
Bought some felt last weekend. First time meeting Ms Akma, the store owner :)

Went through my 'ancient' stuff that was kept away before i moved out of my mom's after i got married more than 7 years ago. Found almost everything except for my most beloved sewing box. I've seeked high and low but still could'nt find it. So..had to buy new tools to get started.

My sewing kit -from top (clockwise) : Chocolate container filled with embroidery thread, Rattan basket containing scissors, thread, needles, bobbins, chalks, measuring tape etc, Tupperware sewing box containing buttons, pins and some embellishments.

Now..the only thing i need now is TIME. The sewing machine has been at my house for 2 weeks now but i only get to use it twice so far. My baby knows mami has got herself a new toy thus refuses to take long naps during the day. While at night...insists that mami sleeps with him.

Anyway, if i do get to start making something and gets to finish it too, will certainly blog about it. Till then...wish me luck ;)

February 4, 2010

I was that person..

...who thought i could not produce enough milk for my babies. But now...i don't believe in that CRAP anymore!

I can, not only breastfeed Akif until today..41/2 months to be exact, but i breastfeed EXCLUSIVELY ! All it takes was a some knowledge and a LOT of determination. Or the other way round...which ever that suits you hehe..

Why suddenly i 'm writting about this? Well, yesterday..nope..the day before, i met a neighbour who is a babysitter. She commented that Akif is very 'tegap'. Could be because he is fully on mami's milk, she said. Then..she said the baby she's caring for, a 9 months old boy is not yet 'keras' cause he is on FM. His mother cannot produce enough milk. After that..i was not paying attention to what she said anymore ;P

For moms to be, first time mothers, a mother who is trying to give breastfeeding a second try (or like me..this was my 3rd try) or a mother who simply wants to give the best to her baby, here are what you can do :-

1. Get some knowledge on BF-all about BF, maybe from reading but most effective is by taking a BF course conducted by certified lactation counselor (LC). Go to Susuibu for further info.

2. Be mentally, physically, emotionally ready because it won't be easy. Get all the support you need especially from your husband and your immediate family. Educate them if necessary. Let them know why you choose to breastfeed your baby.

3. Get all necessary gear ready : nursing wear, nursing bra, breast pad, breast pump, nursing cover (if you think it will help you) etc.

4. INVEST in a good breast pump especially if work and determined to feed your baby exclusively. Yes, it is an investment :). Some more...get info on how/when to express, how to store, thaw, anything related to EBM.

Breastfeeding is mastered through a lot of practise. And if you have high level of patience, it will take you far...

Good Luck!

I love it that i can feed my baby anytime, anywhere :)

*Love Note : Every mom can BF

February 3, 2010

Tina Scores!

Dah seminggu tak update blog hehe..
Bukan tak ada cerita, tapi tak ada feel lah hmmm..

Ni pun Akif tengah main dalam cot & Hafiy tengah entertain Akif ^_^

Back to Tina Nursing i bought from Fabulousmom...
Out of 10...Tina gets 8 yayyy..
Very comfortable..to wear on its own or as camisole (as innerwear)
Support is good..i'm on the busty side so..if i tell you it is good, means it is ;)
Easy for nursing

However...since the tank is kind of low neck (it's a tank, duhh ;P)..i made a small adjustment to the neck part. Added some lace so that whenever i wear my low neck shirt with the tank (without my hijab when i'm with my immediate family), my cleavage is covered.

The outcome...wallah!


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