March 31, 2010

Susuibu 2nd Support Group Meeting : Myths in Breastfeeding

Joined my first SGM last Sunday. Excited sangat caused i got to meet many BF mommies. Exchanging stories & experiences.

Though the topic was Myths in Breastfeeding, the discussion was more on how to manage the myths. Byk sgt myth..antaranya banyak sangat pam akan menyebabkan susu kering, bayi lelaki lebih kuat minum dari bayi perempuan, susu breast kanan makanan dan susu breast kiri minuman, BM kalau tak diminum terlalu lama ( atau tak pam out) akan masam dll. Normally this myths comes from our elder i.e grandmother, mother, mother in law. So to simply answer without knowing the right facts would make make it hard especially for new mothers. Coincidently, an experinced mommy has written about all the myths she could think of. To read about them, please visit ibufarish's blog here and here.

Here are the pictures at the SGM..

Group Mama Kamariah

Mommies who came

Liza of Snuggbaby representing Malaysian Babyweares explaining on the Safety in babywearing

Mommies from the MBW

Demo on how to wear the Wrap

Can't wait for the next SGM :)
Jom kita pergi ramai-ramai...

March 29, 2010

Not perfect but made with tonnes of L.O.V.E

My eldest Hakimi wanted a new pencil box. The BEN10 metal pencil box that i bought for him upon entering standard one which was supposed to last at least half a year, failed to serve that long. I told him i'd make one during the school holidays.I did. I made him a pencil roll. I manage to finished it last sunday night. I made him a wallet too.

The pencil roll camouflage in black. 
Added elastic & button for closure later because it was very hassle for my son to tie the ribbon.

Inside : Pencil roll cum pencil case (velcro closure)

Wallet made from the same fabric
(1 zippered pocket, 1 money bill pocket, velcro closure)

The inside 
( please ignore my messy topstitch & un cut thread ;P)

It feels so good inside seeing my beloved using them.

LVBeii First Giveaway

Another creative crafter is having a giveaway.
It's LVBeiii!

I am interested in the Supply Giveaway Pack because there are so many things i can make using the items listed.
1. I will use the flannel as backing for the baby bibs i planned to make and bias tape for binding. My baby is 6 months old and can now starts eating...yayy!!
2. Zippers & Vintage button for pouches / purses.
3. Grossgrain ribbons & Deco tapes will be for my thank you cards.

Let's all join her giveaway. Click here for the details.

March 27, 2010

My Quilter's Bag Giveaway..

Our fellow crafter, The Quilter's Bag is giving all these away!!!

1) 3 yards of Large Half Circle ribbons from American Crafts Premium Ribbon
2) 3 Fat Quarters ( 2 x Calico, 1 x Susan Winget)
3) 4 assorted sizes of flower buttons 
4) 1 Family Living Simply Delicious Chocolate recipe book
Yummy aren't they? Want to give yourself a shot? Visit her blog here to enter.
This giveaway end 29th March 2010

March 26, 2010

An afternoon with Rozi

The fabrics I ordered through Rozi of Rozi's Needlework has arrived. She posted about it in her blog yesterday (with my name clearly stated in the post)., yes..i have emailed her. Who would have thought she would be going to her aunt's house yesterday, which was only like 2km away from my home. So..instead having to post my order, i decided to self collect.

Rozi...a lovely lady. Her Arwen is soo..adorable. And kids enjoyed playing him with very much. And until last night Hafiy kept saying he wanted to go over to Rozi's aunt's to play :).

The fabrics i ordered

Yummy aren't they?

The mystery gift.(Rozi, i love it. Tq!)

A strawberry that opens up to become...

Tadaaa!!! A shopping bag :) is me & Rozi & our beloved children

I had a great time, Rozi. It was a pleasure meeting you. So much to talk about, so many things in common, but so little time, ya? Maybe after this we can arrange for another meet up ;)

Thanks again Rozi!

March 25, 2010

Detik-detik berharga

Umair Akif is 6 months today.
Means so much to me cause it also means that i have fully exclusively breastfed him for 6 months.
And that i have been taking care of him 24/7 for the past six months.
I became a SAHM on the day Akif was born.
None of his brothers had these privileges. 
And that is why mami's bantal busuk ni extra extra manja la agaknya ;)

Aishah Megahasz is having a 'Detik-detik Berharga' contest and this is the picture i had choosen to enter.

 Baby's name : Umair Akif Al-Amin b. Khairul Amin
DOB : 25th September 2009
Age when pic was taken : 14 days

In this picture are my three sons. Detik-detik berharga because this is their 1st picture together. It was taken before abang kimi goes to his kindi for Hari Raya Celebration. Every one was happy and lil Akif too was not moody nor cranky. My prayers..moga mereka adik-beradik rapat, baik sesama sendiri, sayang menyayangi selama-lamanya dan menjadi anak yang soleh, insyaAllah.

The contest ends today at 5pm. Lots of interesting prizes are up for grabs. So..for those interested, still got time. You can go here for the details.

Here are the lists of sponsors who are sponsoring the contest.

March 12, 2010

Other's scrap is another's treasure ^^

Here are the things i made using scraps i bought from okinokiyo.

A wristlet (very lembik cause i didn't know i had to use interfacing ;P)

The inside 

Inner pocket & gathered pocket for handphone

Card holder (please ignore my crocked stitches-it's for me anyway)

 The inside

A Patchwork Wristlet ( smaller than the previous one and with interfacing too ^_^

 Pin cushion

And this is only half of the scrap. Imagine how many more things i can make with the other half ;)

*The two non scrap material used were the green polka dot fabric and the white fabric used as lining in the 2nd wristlet (not seen in any of the pictures) and the card holder. The white lining was cut from my wedding bolster case which i have kept for nearly 8 years and have never used before cause i don't use bolster. Finally i get to use it :)

** Love Note: If you want somehing, you would do your most best  to make it yours,right?

March 8, 2010

Happy International Women's Day 2010

To all women.... 


8th March 2010

We are simply SUPER!

Sewing Tips #1 and more to come

Since i'm a newbie at sewing, my lappy is the next important thing, after my sewing machine. I sometime have to go back & forth between my machine & my lappy just to get my project done. Be it on how to put on the zipper foot, how to stitch, where turn the fabric, how to pre-wash fabrics or even how to end machine stitches.

So..instead of bookmarking every tips, i decided to share them here-one at a time. Easy for me to find and easy for other newbies too. So..for the first is..on


3 basic ways to pin

1. Pin Parallel (Vertical)

2. Pin Perpendicular (Horizontal)

My first ever...

...sewn ZIPPER!

Credit to MyBotang and all the links in her entry on attaching zippers.


Being able to sew these two opens a whole new world of sewing to me. Means lots more stuff i can make & create. Yayy!!!

What i made using the zipper & sewn buttonholes?...Will let u know later :)

March 3, 2010

Giveaway by Rozi's Needlework

I'm still crazy for fabrics so i LOOOVE this giveaway very much. Out of all the beautiful fabrics, i would like the one below to be mine. Why? Because the patterns are boys friendly :) ( I see yummy!)If you are fabric crazy like me and would like to join in the fun, just click here.


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