November 5, 2012

Wedding, Birthday and Quarantined!

Wedding..... My cousin Adil got married to his sweetheart Nadiah end of August. The reception on our family side took place early in September. It was held at the Putrajaya Wetland. The whole thing was beautiful..the day itself, the place, the set up, espcially the bride and groom.

To the bride & groom. Though this entry came two months late, if by any chance any one of you is reading this, we wish you two a happy and blessed marriage here and till the hereafter, insyaAllah.

Birthday... Akif, my busuk masam turned 3 on 25th September. Here is a picture of me & him during last raya. From a very quiet boy, he has now become very chatty... ever since he become a big brother. A very loving and protective brother towards his baby sister. The same with my other children, in my heart, I know he is gong to be a great son, brother, person. Mami and Ayah prays only the best for you dear...

Quarantined... Two weeks after the wedding, Sofya was down with chicken pox. Kimi and Hafiy are already immune. Both had theirs in 2008. Alhamdulillah, Sofya had a mild one. Most came out either on her face or inside her diaper area. Still it took about two weeks for all to dried up. She (and me, of course!) were quarantined for two weeks. I had mentally prepared myself to take care of two chicken pox babies in case Akif got infected too. Made him drinks Air Kelapa but nothing came out.

And when all Sofya's spots have cleared, and I was about to celebrate my 'freedom', Hubs spotted one teenie tiny spot on Akif's foot. And we were all quarantined again, for another two weeks. Anyway, I'm glad it is all over now. Chicken pox is after all a childhood disease. Since they are very young, scars disappear fast. Today, about a month after..the spots you see in the pic below are now hardly visible.

Quick update on Sofya:-
Weighs 7.3 kg at 6 months. She was introduced to solid at 6 months 3 weeks. Her 1st solid food was plain rice porridge. Loves exploring and manage to get herself 'far' by slithering on her stomach. She's a very determine girl!

And last..( yes..I'm cramping all in one post hehehe)'s Itsy Doodles new label. Clean and simple. And I love it very much. Thank you to Aiya from Insang Pari, who was very patience with my 'cerewetness' on the design so that I get exactly what I want and how I want it with my label.


October 11, 2012

Birthday and Raya in August

Yess..I'm still a little behind with my posts. Still on one-week-one-post on what took place during the months my blog were left untouched hehe. This post covers August happenings. So one more post (on September), then I'll be on track (if I don't get side tracked ;).

Celebrated my thirty fourth birthday in August.  I'm thankful and blessed with everything I, family, everything! Wishing I'm given more & more blessed moments like the ones I had for many many more years to come. And that day by day I'll be a better person - daughter, wife,mother, friend but most importantly, a better 'abd, insyaAllah.

Raya Aidilfitri came about a week after my birthday. We had a very simple and fulfilling Ramadan this year,Alhamdulillah. Hafiy 'puasa' (fast) for the first time but only made it till noon. At 5 years old, he still doesn't understand the concept of fasting  . He fasted so that he can 'berbuka' .He thought, if he doesn't fast, he cannot eat 'dinner'. Cute eh? hehe

Sewed my kids' baju raya and this time it's 3+1! Three raya tunics for the boys and a simple dress for cik kak.

Set a countdown for the whole process so that I could finish them on time (before raya, that is). Recorded my progress of the whole baju raya making process on Itsy Doodles's page. Managed to complete all four in 7 days.

And lastly..a quick update on Sofya at 5 months..

Weighs 6.9 kg, chuckles and laughed a lot, can roll on her tummy and back. Bought her first crinkle cloth book. But instead of read, she binged on them! Still not over those itchy gums i guess :)

October 9, 2012

The Pillowcases..

Our small contribution for the KuSarungkan Kasih charity project.

 Fabric sponsored by D'amani Cottontherapy

From us

October 3, 2012

Pillowcase for A Cause, Mama Bag in Corduroy and Cik Kak @4months

In July,  a group I belonged to in facebook launched a special project for children at the pediatric ward in government hospitals. The idea is to give each and every one of them cheerful pillowcases to brighten up their ward.

A dedicated page, KuSarungkan Kasih was set up to update all necessary activities regarding this project. The Pediatric Oncology and Respiratory Ward in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) has been selected to be the first to receive the pillowcases. The event is planned to take place sometime in November 2012 in conjunction with Children's Day.
We have received overwhelming responses on this project. From volunteers to sew pillowcases, to fabric sponsorships as well as individuals who donated cash and other items to be given as gifts to the children.  To get updates or to know how you can contribute, please go the the page as mentioned above, LIKE the page and contact the page's admin.

I had just finished sewing few pillowcases for this cause. Will post the picture in my next entry :).

On Itsy Doodles creations.. in July, Mama Bag made using beautiful corduroy as the main body panel were introduced. The luxurious look of the corduroy, the soft textured when touched really compliments the beautiful prints of designers cotton used for the outside pockets. Corduroy really brings our 100% handmade Mama Bag to a new level without blowing one's pocket :).

Below are pics of custom made Chic Mama Tote in Corduroy. Gorgeous aren't they? ;)

As for cik kak who turned at 4 months last July.. her weight was 6.3kg. She's salivating a lot and likes to put everything in her mouth, to bite on! Looks like her gums are itchy but no sign of teeth coming out anytime soon. Bought her a teether which her brothers nicknamed it as 'Sofya's Donut' :D

Sofya and her donut ;)

September 25, 2012

Modpodging with The Boys and Her First Hat

So..what did we do in June? Hmmm...

Bought these Modpodges since before I gave birth to Sofya. Please goggle 'modpodge' if you want to know what it is. Not until the mid semester school break in June did I find time to enjoy these with the kids. The one in blue is to be used on fabric while the yellow one is for all surfaces with matte finishing.

Each of the boys modpodged empty cadbury chocolates plastic bottles while I modpodged empty cookie tin. We had an enjoyable afternoon that day doing this. We look forward to another session of modpodging..possibly soon after but none took place so far. Maybe during the long school holidays at the end of year boys? I promise!

In the pic below, 1st bottle on the left is Hakimi's, middle one is Akif's while Hafiy's is the one on the right.
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For my cik kak (that's her nick name ;) who turned 3 months in June, made her a reversible sunhat. Named the sunhat Aara Sunhat - after her.  It was a bit big for her then but she'll grow into it..(she's 6 months now but there's still room for growth). This is in size 0-6 M.

At 3 months, cik kak weighs 5.2kg. Notice how round and chubby she has become? Mami's milk did all that :D. She loves attention, hates lying down and always demands mommy to be her Bumbo ;).

September 19, 2012

What I Picked Up, Put Down and Baby at Two Months

It has been 3 months since I last posted anything. Today, while going through my blog..i realised how I miss those days when I had time to blog about my babies, my sewing activities..breastfeeding.. well..practically about anything I want.Hopefully..more post will follow after this one ;)

*Few post will back date on things that happened since the last time I wrote until today*

While I was pregnant with Sofya, I learned tatting. The word 'tatting' was new to me when I first heard of it. Until today, this is what i managed to make..few rings with picots.

Then, after I was done with my confinement, I picked up knitting. Me and a few friends meet up and were taught on knitting basics by sifoo Rozi. During the two hours class, I learned how to cast on and the knit stitch. I was not ready for purl. Bought the circular needle set for beginner so I could practice.

And here is my practise piece hehe...

On is a pic of her at 2 months old and weighs 4.0 kg. Her first time wearing a skirt. Paired it with a romper. Easy!

Another pic wearing another skirt. Because of this pic, I named this skirt the Peek-A-Boo skirt ;). and yes, I made the diaper cover too.

Now, she can still wear these skirts. Used to be knee length. But now they have become mini skirts. Lol!

Love Note : Able to sew for a girl is a bless :).

May 8, 2012

Refashioned Burp Cloths, A Mommy's Accessory and Baby at One Month

It has been a while since I last blogged. Sofya will be two months tomorrow. And until today, I can only sew for like an hour or two a week! Can hardly get anything done on time. I guess that's how it's going to be like for the next two three months, at least. Or until she has develop a daily routine that is fixed so I can plan my work around it :).

Here are some of the things I managed to sew before I gave birth to Sofya. After making a couple of burp cloth for a friend, I kind of like the idea of using a 'stylish' burp cloth rather than the plain ones . So I decided to refashioned some old burp cloths and turned them to these lovelies.

And since I planned to breastfeed my baby like how I did with Akif, I made myself a nursing cover strap. It is adjustable and can instantly turned a baby blanket or a shawl into a nursing cover. Brilliant, kan? :). I love the cute flower print so much. It matches with Sofya's BBF pillow covers.

And an update on Sofya at 1 month old:-

This petite lady weighs only 3.0kg at 1 month. She lost about 10% of her birth weight when she was admitted for jaundice treatment. Her weight gain of 700g in the first month was inclusive the weight she gained to get to back her birth weight..which was 2.6kg.

At one months, she still has jaundice. Reading was 4.3 (73). However, we were not asked to come for any follow up on her jaundice since it was almost gone. Alhamdulillah.

Stay tune for Sofya's month two update. Let see how much weight she gain this time :)

March 29, 2012

Sofya's Jaundice Experience

Sofya was detected with jaundice on her day two of life. The reading was 12.8 then. She was allowed to go home but had to come back two days later for a follow up.
The result of the check up was shocking. Her jaundice reading shot to 20.8 (350) in two days! She was immediately referred to Serdang Hospital for treatment.
She was admitted at about 3pm..treated with intensive phototherapy treatment. After 3 hours, the result was not good at all. Her jaundice reading was worst that before, 24.3 (413).
The doctor than told me she will be given an extensive triple light treatment. If her jaundice level did not come down, she will have to go for a blood transfusion. What I felt then was beyond any explaination. All my husband and I could do was pray to Allah the Almighty for his mercy on my little Sofya. And alhamdulillah, our prayers were answered.
Had only two and a half hours of sleep that night. Besides the phototherapy, had to make sure Sofya is breastfed every two hours in order to help bring down her jaundice.
We spent 2 nights at Serdang Hosp NICU. The second night, we got to room-in together as her jaundice level had gone down to 14.8 (251). But poor Sofya has had enough. Refused to stay long under the light. Would cry everytime she was put under it. Bare naked in the cold air conditioned ward did not helped much either.I barely had any sleep that night. In between feedings, I had to pat her, hold& stroke her hands so that she knows I was there with her.
Alhamdulillah, the next morning her jaundice level went down to 12.8 (204) so she was discharged. She slept the whole morning soundly and peacefully until her ayah came to bring us home.
It was a traumatic and devastating experience for me the whole time I was at the NICU. Had to hold myself whenever Sofya cries as I could not simply pick her up whenever she does. She needs to be under the light to get better. The longer the better. There were also time when I was not allowed to breastfeed directly to lessen her breaks from the light. Had to expressed and the nurses will then cup feed her. At that time..I even volunteered to burp her just so I could hold her. her 20th day of life..her jaundice is still visible. Latest reading taken last Monday was 8.4. However I'm not worried anymore so long it is going down. After 14 days of life..her jaundice is now known as prolonged jaundice. We again have to go to Serdang Hosp for 'investigation' on why it is prolonged. That's the protocol. Praying everything will turn out ok.
Thank you to all who prayed for Sofya's recovery and for your endless support.

FYI this entry is blogged while I breastfeed Sofya at the comfort of my own bed *bliss*
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March 25, 2012

Baby poster

Specially made by Rozi of Rozi's Needlework under her label Made by Rozi Rahman.
So in love with the poster :).
Thanks a bunch Rozi!
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Finally a girl!

Alhamdulillah...after 3 wonderful boys..a beautiful girl arrives. Named her Aara Ameena Sofya bt. Khairul Amin. She was born on 09.03.2012 at 8.07pm weighing 2.6kg.

Ayah and Mami wishes Sofya will be solehah and will live to be the person behind her chosen name - Adoring, Trustworty and Pure,insyaAllah.
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February 9, 2012

Leisure Sewing : Pillowcase and Pillowcase Dress

The pillowcase is for my mom while the pillowcase dress if for baby dearest,InsyaAllah. remember the huggy pillow I made for my mom a whileeee..back? ( you can read bout it here ).It is now not as fluffy as before. Therefore, I decided to stuffed more cotton fluff (kekabu) and at the same make a replacement case for it.

I recently bought a button cloth mould/maker but had yet to give it a try. So for this special project instead of making the normal slip case or with tie closure as before, I made one using cloth buttons as closure.And I love the result. Emm,..had fun making them too hehehe :D. And this is my first time sewing laces too. I simply love the fabric combo added with cotton lace as embellishment.

And since I have enough fabric left, I thought this combo would also make a sweet dress. As it was my first time sewing a dress, I used a free pattern & tutorials by Made by Petchy and Little Big Girl Studio. This dress was easy to make thus made me feel addicted to make more. I definitely will, if time permits :).

An update on my pregnancy :
I am now 33 weeks along. Based on my previous delivery history (my 2nd & 3rd sons were born on the 37th week) my OB said I may have about 4 weeks more before the baby comes. Have a few more orders to complete and baby projects as well. Hope to finish them all in time. Wish me luck! *wink*

February 3, 2012

Let's see what I have achieved so far from my to sew list..

I have been busy. With everything. In between chasing deadlines on orders, I make sure I managed to cancel off some things on my list of things to sew.

Here are the final pairs of the active pants I had planned to sew for my boys..
Made some hankies which was initially for Hafiy. But Kimi and Akif also claimed one each. These were made using printed cotton flannels I have in my stash and recycle t-shirt on for the backing. Guess I have to make more as one each is definitely not enough.

 As for the little person in my tummy...who is at this moment is now at gestational age of 32 weeks, I made her some baby pants using the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern by Made by Rae. For her quilt, I bought the Love U panel by Deb Strain which I have fallen in love with the first time I saw MyBotang made her quilt using a similar panel.

This excited heavily pregnant mommy have also added baby dresses into her list of things to sew for her baby. I have cut five pieces of dresses using patterns from Made by Petchy and Sew Much Ado. Made one yesterday. And am happy with the result. Will post picture of it in my next entry..emm..maybe :)

For the shop...

Added something new...Key Fobs. They are available and ready to ship.

And some BFF pillows set. Also available and ready to ship

Head over to Itsy Doodles Shop or Itsy Doodles FB page for more details.

January 12, 2012

My Leisure Sewing List (to do before I pop!)

Lately I have become so excited about going to have time to do some leisure sewing. Day after day the list becomes longer and longer. And then I will pause and wonder whether I'll be able do them all before I deliver.
Started with..sewing some active pants for Hafiy and Akif. and few pairs of pyjamas for the two of them. Next come day curtains for the boys room and for my bedroom door.

For the baby, I wanted to make a few pair of cute baby pants..and pillow sets with covers. Then adding burp cloths to the list.

As for myself..i planned to make a Ring Sling instead of buying one. FYI, I heart baby wearing :). I already have a buckle-tai which I bought from Snuggbaby. If the RS will be essential in the early least until the baby can be carried in the buckle-tai. Then last night, I got this idea of making myself a few pairs of maxi skirts to wear at home..or anywhere even.

Well, you might think the list is not long enough. But if I only get to allocate time to do all these in between doing orders, do you still think the same now?

Nevertheless, I will still try my best to pull this off. Wish me luck. I'll update you every time I manage to complete any one of that's on the list. Deal?

January 10, 2012

Weekend quick sewing

I got invited by an old childhood friend, Thasa for her 1st daughter, Jeda's birthday party and her 2nd daughter, Madeeha's Akikah feast last Saturday. I didn't have the time to shop for anything nor did I have the time to make anything fancy for the two girls. Since I have always wanted to try and make sling purse for little girls, I thought it would be a great time to try and make one. Alhamdulillah, it turn out great as I imagined it :). And I got feedback from Thasa this morning that Jeda loves her purse and wanted to wear it to kindi.

As for little Madeeha, I googled on what to make for her and came across burp cloths. Thought it would be a great gift for mom & baby as well. Using a plain baby nappy cloth enhanced with designers cotton at one end and voila! Madeeha can now burp in style. I love how quick and simple it was making the burp cloths. I'm sure I'll be making some for myself sometime soon *wink*

As for sewing for my boys..I'm still not done with their active pants. Made two more pairs-one pair each for Hafiy and Akif. Got it done Saturday morning and they worn it to Jeda's birthday party/Madeeha Akikah feast later that afternoon. I sooo love the guitar print! Don't you?

All in was great meeting old friends. Can hardly remember when was they last time we all sit together like this. Probably during primary school years?

 The Girls

New week has begun. Will start working on confirmed orders once again. But I hope to be able to do more leisure sewing in between. By the way. Hafiy, who turned five on 5th January 2012 started his first day at kindi yesterday. He was all excited about school. The first word that came out of his mouth when he got into the car after school was "Seronok sekolah!" (School was fun) :D.

January 5, 2012

Two pairs of 'active ' pants made. Yayy!!

It has been a packed and hectic weeks..the last two weeks of December 2011...All focus and energy was channeled towards Nazmin Delightful Treats activity/business. And Alhamdulillah it was a success.

Finally, yesterday I had the chance to cut the fabrics I bought recently. Had nothing else in mind except to sew Hafiy and Akif some 'summer' pants. They are running out of daily pants to wear anyway. This time I decided to splurge a bit on designers cotton for them. The urges came after seeing Toni of Make It Perfect post - A Gazillion Shorts. She sewed 13 pairs of summer shorts for her children, nieces and nephews. Hers are reversible but mine are not.

I call these the active pants because they can wear it day or night. At home, to their grandma's, going to shops (ermm..not to shopping malls or any formal events though hehe)..or even as their PJ's especially on hot nights what we are experiencing for the past one week. 

Planned to make 3 pairs each out of 3 yards of fabric. However I managed to sew only two yesterday. Hafiy was so excited about the pants, he insisted that I finish sewing them then so he could immediately wears it. It was 7pm..and was not supposed to sew at that hour. But since he 'begged', siap pegi mandi just so he could wear can I resist. Only a wee bit more to sew by the way. By 7.30pm, both kids were already jumping up and down their new pants ,LOL.

Hope to sew four more by this week as I need to get back on sewing orders next week. Simply can't say no to returning customers and old friends requests. But there will be limited custom slots this time. Would not want to stress myself with deadlines..when I should be enjoying every bit of my 3rd trimester moment :). Yup! at 28 weeks this week. Gosh! And oh!Gender of the baby...It's going to be a suprise..for you. Will it be 4 boys or 3+1 this time? I won't tell. But maybe you'll figure out if you follow my blog right to when before I deliver *wink*

The 10 minutes pencil case

Promised Hakimi that I'll make him a pencil case for school this year. So managed to whipped this up on Tuesday afternoon. Used only denim and designers scrap to add some character to the case. I followed the tutorial given by Rozi's Needlework in her FB page on how to sew a boxy pencil case. Didn't really go through the whole tutorial though hehe. By looking at the pictures, got the idea, then went straight to work. Added the strap so it would be easy for Hakimi to carry it around if he needs to.

To see how such simple thing brings delight to him...a bless!


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