May 24, 2010

My not so new diaper bag

I made this a couple of weeks back. I made it EXTRA big so that I can put all my kids' necessaries and my own stuff all in one bag. Upon finished, i still find my bag not big enough. But..if i want it any bigger, than i might as well use Ikea shopping bag. LOL!

Two front pockets for my keys, phone, etc.

Two side pockets - one for Hafiy's sippy cup, one for my drinking bottle. Akif's sippy cup is placed inside the bag (Imagine the extra weight i'm carrying ;p)


Four inside pockets with elastic. Very roomy don't you think (Still not enough, huh?)

* Thanks Rozi for the snap buttons :)

Love Note: What is your dream diaper bag? 
                   If you can't find it anywhere, maybe i can make one for you *wink*

May 22, 2010

A 'crime' had been commited

It was well planned. Even though it was delayed for 2 weeks, on a beautiful Wednesday morning, our mission was accomplished. Hehehehe. We (me & my two sidekicks) took off from Bangi @ 0900hrs heading for my partner's in crime, Rozi's house in Putrajaya. ETD to our 1st destination which was CottonZone@Tesco Mutiara Damansara was at 0930hrs. Though we were a little behind schedule (i took a wrong turn odw to Rozi's house, i had to load my 2 kids + diaper bag + akif's carrier into Rozi's car, Rozi had to turn back to double check her house..and lucky for me she did that coz i left my Mei Tai on her porch). Despite all that, we however managed to arrive on time @1030hrs.

CottonZone...Lovely cotton collections.We feasted our eyes looking at the beautiful range of cotton fabrics.
There were no plans to buy any so we successfully left without even a metre of fabric ;P

Next, we headed to Daiso. Daiso @ The Curve has a slightly different range of crafting supplies than Daiso@IOI Mall. Here, i bought some pre-cut poly batting & a pack of metal snaps (it comes with an anvil).

From Daiso, we went straight to Craft World which was located in SS2, PJ. It was my first time there. I was in awe when i entered Craft World. I brought a list. So i had to keep telling myself to stick to the list i made. Kalau ikut nafsu...habis la.. So out of  7 items in my list, i went home with 4. Ok la tu,kan? I bought a 3/4 inch Clover bias tape maker, 2 clasps for keys and 2m of cotton webbing. And..i got to feel Kona Cotton too. So soft & the colours..Aaahhh...Simply delicious:D

Did i mentioned that we went to all those places with a toddler & 2 babies? How we managed that, i don't have a clue. Hafiy jumped, ran and even rolled on the floor at Craft World. I tried bribing him with McD afterwards if he behaved but it didn't work at all.

We safely reached Rozi's crib @ 1400hrs. I lepak some more before leaving @ 1630hrs. By the time me and my kids got home, we were already tired. At the end, I didn't only get my supplies but also had to deal with two cranky & over tired kiddos. Well, if that's the price I have to pay to do something I like or go places i want, then what the heck. After all, I am a supermom, aren't I? Aren't we all? :)

May 21, 2010

Pants for Hafiy & Akif

Finally...SIAP! 2 pairs of mami sewn pants. For Hafiy and Akif. Kimi? Err..takde. Not yet..for the time being. Why? Hehe..i myself do not know ;P

It took Durra 10 minutes to sew 2 pants. Wow! Read about it here. How long you think it took me?  Well..for non expert that i took me a day to finished it. Even had to do a lot some tetas-tetas work. Anique, i was jack throughout this simple project. (it was not simple to me okeh..But now it is hehehe). I made a 3/4 pants for Hafiy & a long pants for Akif.

Thought of letting my boys wear those pants on our day's out with Rozi yesterday. Oh..we went to CottonZone@Tesco Mutiara Damansara, Daiso@The Curve and  Craft World, PJ. Bought some supplies & notions ^^. Will blog about our outing later ;). Back to the pants...after putting the pants on the kids, i thought they looked like they were wearing jammies so..tak jadi. Took the pants off and let them wear their normal store bought pants instead.

Love Note : So..what do you think? Can the pants pass as normal daily..outing pants or should they just be PJ's pants?

May 19, 2010

Teeth - Latch - Pain

Do you see them? His lower incisors surfacing?
As much as i love my busuk masam..lately i dread every time he wants to nurse.
Before he latches, he will first take a bite.
Despite the unforgettable pain, i enjoy every moment nursing Akif.
Praying that may the moment lasts for as long as it can.

Love Note : What do you do when your baby bites when he latches?

May 5, 2010

English Bouquet bags & bellow pockets too :)

When you see the beautiful flowers, they immediately reminds you that Mothers Day is approaching, right? I specially made these for the occasion. These bags turned out great as i sought 'consultations' from Ms Sue and Ms Rozi. Thanks so much you guys!

Bag no.1..the one in lavender, i didn't have enough material for the pocket so it doesn't have any. My second, comes with inner expandable pockets a.k.a bellow pockets. I followed MyBotang tutorial for the pockets. It was awesome! And super easy to follow. I was smilling with delight to have successfully made the pockets. Click here for the tutorial.

For those who might be interested in these bags, they are available at my Itsy Doodles Shop.


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