December 29, 2011

What I miss doing these days and a new venture

I miss....sewing for pleasure..for my boys..for fun..trying out new patterns for my shop.. Counting the days to when I can have some me sewing time. Not that I don't enjoy working on orders..but since I have now become a slowpoke at completing them, I can hardly find time to sew other things.

I will be entering my 3rd trimester next week. So it's time to slow down on taking orders. And with that I hope to have some time to sew for my boys and the new baby :). First thing to do is to plan on what to sew and head to local textile shops to get the materials. Soo..looking forward to that hehehe.

Though I'm currently on a short break from sewing, besides enjoying the time spent with my kids, I 'm also quite occupied with a new business venture me and my dearest husband started recently. A party favor service/ business...We do favors for weddings, birthdays..gatherings etc. We have been planning this for a while but never had the time to really launch it. With two big wedding favors jobs given by my aunts for their son's (my cousins) wedding this month, we decided that this is the best time to kick start our new business. At least..i can still do something (and earn something too) especially after the baby arrives cause it might take a while before I can resume to sewing like before :).

Do pay Nazmin Delightful Treats a visit. We are also on Facebook. Like our page to get the latest update on our work and what we have to offer.

Hope to have more time to blog too. Till later..

December 15, 2011

For my boys

I'm 25 weeks along into my pregnancy. All early pregnancy symptoms have gone the moment I entered 2nd trimester. However, for the past two weeks, have been experiencing nausea and headache as I did in 1st trimester..huhu.

I am currently finishing up pending orders. Normally it would take me about two weeks top to complete an order. But lately..i took more than that.Can hardly sit for more than 1 hour per sewing session. Lucky i have clients who are kind & understanding about this. Two more bags to sew then I will be closing on custom order slots until further notice.

And the first thing I plan to do while on 'leave' is to sew for my boys. It has been ages since I last sew anything for them. To get me it the mood, i splurged on this beautiful boyish prints. Can't wait to turn them into something :D 

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