June 30, 2010

If you like Roselle, do you think you would like Roseola too?

I don't think so. Apa ke benda nye tu..some of you might wonder. Nama kain ke? Designer fabric Spring/Summer 2010 collection?..

None of the above. By definition.. Roseola (roseola infantum) is a mild illness caused by a virus. It is generally harmless and is most common in children 6 months to 2 years of age. It is rare after age 4. Please go here and here for more info on the illness.

Why am i writting about this? Because sweet little Akif has got it. He was down with a fever last weekend. I  mentioned that in my earlier post. He recovered from the fever on Monday. I thought it was because of his upper front teeth coming out. Then today, when he woke up from his nap, red spots had started to appear. I first noticed those that were on his face. I was thinking...why la he looks so 'comot'. Then..my motherly instinct told me to lift up his romper. Red spots were all over his chest & back.

I didn't panicked. Hakimi had Roseola once. And 2 years back, both Hakimi & Hafiy had chicken pox. Just to be sure, i took Akif to see the Doctor. After waiting for an hour, we finally get to see her. I was told not to worry as Akif is already on his way to recovery. The red rash should disappear in a day or two. Alhamdulillah. Imagine waiting for an hour with 3 bored & restless boys...Super mami had to put on her super hero suit today. Mission accomplished without mami having to use her weapons. Good cooperation boys!

On my way back from the clinic, i received an SMS from Rozi. Ajak pi Kamdar esok. With 'teary' heart, sob!sob! had to give it a pass. Terima kasih daun keladi, Lain kali ajak la lagi...

June 28, 2010

Two bags, one nursing cover, a pillow & one sick baby..all in one weekend

Wah..panjangnye tajuk hehehe

Middle of last week, I have confirmed with my friends/customers that I will sent out their orders on Monday (today). Come Friday, all of the items were 80% done. Just needed some final touches here and there before packing them.

On Friday too, Akif came down with a fever. Alhamdulillah, between caring for dear Akif, doing house chores, i managed to get them all done by 1.30am last night.

Here they are..

Chic Mama Tote - in Red

This was specially made for Ibudhani, a fellow blogger. For straps, i used the cotton webbing i bought at Craft World on my first visit there. It matches the bag perfectly.

Nursing cover

Ibudhani also ordered a nursing cover. It was my first experience sewing a nursing cover. All though it was very straight forward, i still refer to tutorials so that i will not make any mistakes. I like the one given by Prudent Baby. I used ric-rac to embellished the nursing cover.

Messenger Style Sling Day Bag

My second cousin, Aofah ordered a Messenger Style Sling Day Bag to put all her kids' stuffs in for their family outing. It is rather large and made according to the measurement given by her. She is a returning customer. She ordered BFF pillows from me earlier :).

BFF Pillow set.

Ordered by Dalia. First BFF pillow set made using designer fabric- Sway in Lime by Heather Bailey. Not as straight forward as the usual pillow case i nornally sew. Had to sew this one from pieces. I added some flower button as embellishment.

The orders are now on their way to their owners. I hope they'll like them as much as i like & enjoyed making them. Thanks a lot ibudhani, Aofah & Dalia.

For more details on the items featured, hop to Itsy Doodles Shop :)

Oh..and Akif, Alhamdulillah..he too has slowly recovered from the fever. Though still very clingy & most of the time cranky, he is all smiles & laughter again. Yayy!!! Btw..i see a white dot on his upper gum...could it be his teeth coming out? Hmmmm...

Love Note: Had any experience like this? Where you have datelines to meet and at the same time your child(ren) or your family needs you more than ever?

June 18, 2010

Mama Totes

I LOVE bags. Who doesn't right?
With a chickadee & a tot, i have to abandoned my handbags for a while.Remember my entry on my self made diaper bag?I love it to bits but it is white so it became comot so easily.I have now washed it & kept it. And i made myself another one.

The initial idea was to fulfill my need for a bag that can fits everything in- Akif's, Hafiy's & my stuffs..and even my mei tai too.And I wanted a bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag. I'm so addicted to bags..and it is even worse now that i can make one myself :D. Hence, the birth of Mama Tote(s).

It comes in 2 versions:-

Chic Mama Tote
A large tote bag / handbag that doubles as a diaper bag.
Can even fit babywearing gear.
Great for those who love big bags & those who have more than one child's essentials to carry.

Mini Mama Tote
A smaller version of Chic Mama Tote.

They are both available at Itsy Doodles Shop.

I am so in love with the two bags. Thay were actually for me..hehehe. Especially that big red one. But then i decided to put it up for sale at my shop. Maybe someone else might like them too. If nobody wants it, then i shall keep it for myself ;)

*Credit for snap buttons goes to Rozi

June 15, 2010

SALES!SALES!SALES! Who is Having the SALES? *wink*

I first read about the SALES this morning. I was smitten by the polkadot fabrics that were on SALES. Only RM32/m....yes..meter. And they are all american cottons. I have a thing for dotties. Almost everything i sew..i'll use polkadot fabrics. The one that really caught my eyes was this one...

Then...when i scroll down..i saw the beautiful panels. Have yet to try sewing quilts. My eyes were set on this panel.

All the quilt panels are on SALES for RM30 (NP is RM35). Tempting,right? I took my time too long to think about this particular panel that by the time this post in being written, is has been sold :(. So..for those of you...if you find one that you like, grab it fast. They will be gone the next time you stop by. Here are some of the panels that are still available..

The SALES doesn't stop there...If you buy the panel, then you must need some charm packs that matches your panel. Look no further. Their 1930's Collection packs are on SALES. You can choose your shades of colours... Purple, green, blue, yellow, red....they all await you ^_^. From now until 30th of June, they will be sold at RM36/pack of 4. What a great bargain!

Is there more you are asking me? Of course there are!  For those who lovessss..cross stitching, into smocking, DMC threads are also on SALES at RM1.30 / pc. They offer free postage when you purchase these DMC threads. Aren't they generous?

By the time you reach here, you must be wondering who is having the SALES, right? Well...PONDOK CRAFT is on SALES (for selected items, not the whole store ya) in conjunction with its owner's, Ayu, birthday. Happy  birthday Ayu! Wishing you the best in health, wealth and may all your wishes come true.

Don't forget to go to Pondok Craft's blog. Many other items are already on SALES and many others are being uploaded as i write.

*This is a free promo. For those who help in promoting the SALES, can stand a chance to win these...from their secret gerobok :D. (pssstt..they are putting in more stuffs for the giveaway ;)

To Ayu....I want! I want! I want!

Baby walker is no no for ME...

The news was tragic.
I knew about it while blogwalking to Ayu's blog
A 7 months old baby died after falling off / along with his walker at his babysitter's.
Worst...the babysitter didn't not take any immediate action prior to the fall.
The baby was taken for examination only 4 hours later.
You can read about it here.

I have never owned a baby walker.
Not with my first baby...nor the second or the third.
It is considered a mommy 'helper' for some especially when your lil one starts to crawl. 
Even though i don't owned any, my baby, my eldest did had his ride on a walker. At his babysitter's.
I never liked the idea..but, one can't be too fussy. Especially when the babysitter is good at taking care of your child / children, right?  Just had to pray that things like that never happen to your baby. And Alhamdulillah,it didn't.

Why I never like the idea of putting a baby in a walker?
* It is not safe
* Babies who are not yet able to sit on their own, should never be put on a walker. It does not help them to sit & pressure are being put on their back
* It does not help babies to walk early. My babies did fine without the help of a walker. Both started walking after their first birthday ( at this point of writting, Akif can yet walk. He's only 8 months old^^)
 Read more about why walkers are not safe here, here and here.

I prefer my baby to roam freely...and explore - with supervision that is. Let them learn to sit, walk on their own, when they are ready. I'm not judging anyone here. Every parents wants the best for their children & I'm sure that each decision is made after considering many related / necessary factors. And i respect that.

So, if you do put your child on a walker, just be sure to always have someone looking after them. And remember, safety first!

Love note: What is your opinion on this matter?

June 8, 2010

Hi peeps! Come and see me eat ;)

 Enjoying his carrot & broccoli rice porridge

What cha looking at? I'm trying to enjoy my drink ;P

All finished :D

Love Note : Akif has been on rice porridge + vege diet for the past 1 1/2 month. As for snacks,he likes white bread.  Now that he is 8 months old, i can start introducing protein in his diet. Any tasty menu suggestion for my lil one you would like to share?


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