January 26, 2011

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Pictures of Akif munching on an Apple. Yes! He can finish the whole apple, if he wants too. This little boy has a big appetite when it comes to food. Oh, btw, Akif is wearing the Okinokiyo Sunhat he won from Fashiono.my giveaway contest.

Bloggers Pillow Party : Ma Birthday Pillow

I came across this party while reading Anna@Noodlehead post on the Blogger's Pillow Party that Stitched in Color is having every month this year. Though I have made many pillows before, this one is very dear at heart, so I'm submitting Ma Birthday Pillow for this month's party.

This was made a while back in November 2010. The first time I saw the Ginger Tiles print by Sandi Henderson, I instantly knew it would be perfect for the birthday pillow I planned to make for my mom. I used the Ginger Tiles for the front side and Amy Butler's Memento in Burgundy for the ruffles & for the back side of the pillow.

As for the pillow case, I fell in love with the one made by lazyorganizer.com. However, I did not use the measurement given as this pillow is a little smaller than the normal sleeping pillow. I made this 20" x 16". Oh..and I also skipped the quilting part (as I have yet to master that ;).

I was inspired by the way Rozi personalises pillows for her customer, so I did the same with this pillow. But since I don't  have an embroidery machine, I just used the alphabet stitches available on my machine. It's written 'LOVE U MA' (in case you have difficulties reading the stitched words ;P). It may not be as pretty as if it was embroidered but I love it :D.

To Rachel of Stitched in Color. Here's my entry. I must have missed the word 'new post' as I was eager& excited to join your party :D.


January 24, 2011

Weekend sewing : Trim catcher and gang

 This trim catcher with a bright orange base really brightens up my sewing corner :)

View from the top. The gang - the pin cushion. I prefer to have mine on top of the machine.

Clothes peg holder

To hold my new sets of gigantic pegs. They are like 4 inches long! ( I might have exaggerated when I wrote 5 inches before. Sorry ;). If u think they are big, there were bigger ones than these. Thought of buying those but nahhh..they were TOO big, lol!

Kimi was amazed when he saw this peg holder. To him mami was amazing..for sewing this holder which mami can just buy at any stores. I told him " Kenapa beli bila boleh buat sendiri?" (why buy when you can make your own). He grinned as he recognised the phrase often said by Chef Dani Mirzan a character played by Pierre Andre in a currently showing TV drama series, Tiramisu @TV3.

How was your weekend? Was it a (not so) lazy one as mine? ;)

January 22, 2011

From Scraps to Drawstring Backpacks and a Lunch Bag

These were the scraps I received from Nykolett about 3 months ago. I mentioned about them here. Below are the things I made from these cute fabrics.

 The scrap fabrics

Drawstring backpack for Hakimi & Hafiy. Something similar to Noodlehead's except that I adjusted the measurement according to the size of fabrics I received and I made the zippered pocket bigger. I placed the pocket higher so that it's deeper thus my boys can put in more things inside them. And my version were not lined. The size is just nice for them to back their change of clothes whenever they want to sleepover at their Tok's & Aki's house (which they did last night :) ). And with their clothes in the bag, there was still room for them to squeezed in a book or two. Their toothbrushes & pencil cases went into the pocket in front.

And for kak Ros, I made her a lunch bag. Wanted to make a drawstring backpack as well but this fabric came in cut that were longer in width rather than in height. I followed the tutorial given by Pink Penguin but made this one a non-patch one ( I'm not so into patchwork..well, not yet anyway ;). The lunch bag is quite roomy. It can fit 3 medium size food containers. In my personal opinion, this can not only be a lunch bag but it makes a great purse as well as a travel cosmetic/toiletries bag too.

I had fun sewing these 3 things. Thanks again K.Ros for these fabrics. I hope you like the lunch bag I made you...

January 21, 2011

Akif : Off to work in his new romper

Akif the Engineer

Akif the Co-Driver

 Akif the Bodyguard....hehehhe..

 I L.O.V.E my new romper :D

But it was a hot afternoon so....upon reaching home...

 Akif signed out of duty so ..romper off...:P

My little man is ready for work

Finished this last night. A romper for Akif. I know you're going to say you have seen this pattern somewhere before. Yes, Rozi of Rozi's Needlework made two recently. Had this pattern for quite a while. And this fabric was the only fabric I have in stash that was in boy friendly print and enough to make an 18M size  ;).

So Rozi, this is kind of a sew-a-long between us la ye? Hehehe...Would not have made this if you did not push me into it. Well, lucky that I finally did. Akif fits into this nicely and may only last him a few weeks months (kot). This size is the largest from the pattern. Sigh~

Will put this on him today right away. Then I can take some action pictures of Akif wearing this romper. I'm sure he'll look all smart and handsome :).

January 11, 2011

Handmade birthday present for dear sister and cousin..

Some of you may have read on Hafiy's 4th birthday post here. Made a drawstring backpack for him. It wasn't his birthday present though. If was one of my UFo(s). Made from scraps i received from Nykolett.  Will write about that in another post (after I'm done with another two projects from the same scrap).

My sister, Nadira celebrated her 24th birthday on the 3rd of January. She had recently completed her studies in UiTM. Initially, a chef wannabe. She took Diploma in Culinary Arts. But then, changed her mind on working in long hours in hot and stuffy kitchen. So she pursued her degree in Culinary Arts Management.

For her, i made her the sling version of the Itsy Slouch Hobo bag. When I first came out with the bag, she asked me to make the sling version. So, I decided to make her one as her birthday present. Dearest Ya, this may not be a Guess or an Esprit or even a Fossil bag. But it was made with you in mind and with lotsa L.O.V.E. Hope you like it!

For a dear cousin who stays in New Zealand and who recently commissioned me with a BIG order to take back to NZ, I made her a passport sleeve. She'll be celebrating her birthday end of this months. Read about her BIG order here.How big was her order, take a look at the pic below ;).

January 5, 2011

Hafiy is F.O.U.R today

Happy Birthday
Ukail Aminul Hafiy

(though is the most cengeng@ ciwek among the 3)  
(always make sure abang & adik gets their share of chocolates &ice-cream) 
(like to build his own toyland)
(adores Lionel Messi eversince World Cup. In real life.. likes to make a mess with his toys. Which kid doesn't right?)
(entertains us with his antics and off tune singing...)

The above describe only a bit of who Hafiy is.   If I were to write all of them, it would take me 2 days and 2 nights ;).

Since Hafiy models for Itsy Doodles creation (for free)..to celebrate his birthday, Itsy Doodles is having special offers for the month of January on Itsy Babies & Kids products. Hop over to the shop for more info.


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