March 23, 2011

Scrap busting and a swap

I'm not good at patchwork. But scrap is building up so i need to find a way to utilise them. Throwing them away would be a waste as they were expensive in the first place. To sell..well..they are not THAT many ;). So i googled and found this wonderful tutorial on making a simple yet cute patchwork zipper pouch by Make It Perfect.

I thought it would be a piece of cake. So I prepared enough scraps to make 6 pouches. Everything went ok except the turning part near where the zippers were as they were fully padded. I didn't really plan on the measurements so ended up with pouches in 6 different sizes LOL!

Five of them are already up for sale at the shop. One however, I made it for a fellow crafter nickname Malaysia Poppy Trefftry :). Yup! it's for kak Ann of c.r.a.f.t.y.a.n.i.q.u.e. She made a come back from a super loong hiatus by making these lovelies. I like them all so I (shamelessly) nagged her to make me one. I offered to buy though, but she gave me one for free. Told her I would sew something for her so it'll be like a swap between us. I told her that..many2 months ago :P.

So here is the pouch I made her. K.ann, it's all wonky as i'm terrible at patchwork. So I hope the gorgeous designers scrap will somehow cover any flaws. Boleh na? Will send this to you as soon as possible ya (meaning...when I'm done with the orders I'm working on - which are all still less than 50% in progress). Sabar naa...hehehe

March 15, 2011

More Moon-ie Bags

Remember the Moon-ie bag I made last two weeks? The experiment bag? Well, an ex-schoolmate, Ratna decided to make it hers. While Zura, the friend whom in a way inspired the making of this bag, changed her mind on the Moon-ie bag and opted for the Itsy Hobo Sling bag instead :).

Here's the hobo bag I made her. In Lacework in Olive by Amy Butler from her Lotus Collection. It has 1 zippered pocket and 2 slip pockets inside.

As for the Moon-ie bag,  I fell head over heels in love with the pattern so over the weekend I made another THREE *grin*. The first bag took me a day and a half to complete. I forgot which step comes before which. This pattern doesn't have a manual since it was discovered through a trial and error method (and by referring to a few tutorials, of course). And I didn't jot anything down while making it the first time. Alhamdulillah, the other two...didn't take me as long to complete.

Know what I love most about these bags? The zipper pull :). Made a matching fabric zipper full for the bags.

To view more of these bags, click here.

Love Note : How's your day so far? Mine has been great! And about to get more ceria (and kelam-kabut) as I have to babysit my 2 1/2 months old nephew today. His babysitter is unwell and his mommy has to go to work. 4! Bring it on hehehe. Ermmm..I may need some luck so send some to me ya ;)..

March 5, 2011

Congratulations Tab & Razif

My cousin Razif wed his sweetheart, a bubbly & sweet thai girl, Tab in late 2009. I remembered going to their reception (groom's side) when I was still in confinement after given birth to Akif. And middle of last month, they were blessed with the birth of their daughter, Sofea. I hope I get the name & the spelling right. I have yet to meet the new parents and their baby. Tab is doing her confinement in JB at my aunty's (her in laws). They will only be coming back to KL middle of march.

Right after I was done sewing for lil Umar, I took advantage of my sewing-baby-stuffs mood to sew this diaper pouch as a present for them. (Yup! this diaper pouch was made weeks back. Tak ingat belum publish). Diaper pouch is super great to have when going out. This one has one pocket on the outside and I made a matching changing mat lined with flannel in bold fuschia pink to go with it. Along with the diaper pouch is a matching big butt baby pants.

Love the size. This pouch can hold up to 3 pieces of diapers and a change of clothes.

Closes with snap button- quick & easy!

Top view. Don't You just love the fact that you can put in almost everything it this pouch? Pocket in front is suitable for travel size baby wipes, baby oil / lotion and even nappy rash cream. Hmmm..maybe I should make one for myself too ;)

Last I checked, this gift has safely arrived in JB. Hope both Tab & Razif enjoy this gift. Welcome to the world of parenthood! And have a wonderful one too....

March 3, 2011

Moon-ie bag and I'm over the moon!

My ex-highschoolmate commissioned me on a bag. A sling hobo bag to be specific. A moon shaped sling hobo bag to be precise. So I drew the pattern, made a real sample (meaning I used fabric with the same weight). I had to google on how to attached the handle and found a tutorial by tinafish helpful.. After two days and two nights (had to unpicked the whole bag on day one after I have wrongly assembled it..pffttt...) and voila! it is. I made it a shoulder bag. And it is in my fav print, Dandy Damask in Cocoa! Do you think I pass? Do see you the moon-ie shape? (please say u do). This bag is on the slouchy side as it is not interfaced. Initially, I used medium weight woven fusible interface (kain gam medium). But it was too stiff thus making it hard for me to gather. I decided to remove it. I gathered to get the effect instead of pleating it. I think, I'll use medium weight non woven fusible interfacing (kertas gam medium weight) when I sew for my friend next. What do you think? Any other suggestion for this?

This bag has 1 zippered pocket and 2 slip pockets inside. It is medium size so very roomy for the basic things a lady normally carries in her handbag - wallet(s), phone, make up pouch, keys, etc.

I already have a mama tote, a money purse and a card holder in this damask print. So it's great to have a 'normal' handbag in the same print to complete the whole collection, isn't it?

However, I'm willing to part with this gorgeous bag if any one of you are interested. I'll let go at a very special price :). Email me at if you are interested ya.

Love note: How do you describe the feeling u get when u have successfully completed a challenging task? Me...well..I'm over the moon :)

March 2, 2011

Just Akif and Welcome Aboard Spidey!

Here's Akif..trying to free himself from being wrapped in his towel. It was amusing  to see how he struggles to free himself (it was..really! hehehe)....and to see how delighted he was when he succeed :).

 All wrapped up

Trying his best....

Almost there...

Yayyy!!! I did it!...See the smile?

By the way, did you notice something new in the pictures? I'm happy that I can finally use my little trademark / avatar, Itsy Spider a.k.a Spidey as my  watermark. Thanks to Rozi, of Rozi's Needlework who did an AWESOME job at cropping and grayscaling the spidey image I sent her. I could not do it using Photoscape..(maybe because I didn't know how?hmmm..). So I sought help form a Photoshop master *wink*. So Rozi, thank you!

A brief story on how this blog got its name.This blog was named after one of my children's favourite nursery rhyme- Itsy Bitsy Spider. Obviously the name Itsy Bitsy has looong been taken by others so..I decided to name this blog 'Itsy Doodles' - A place where I (am supposed to) write about my lovely itsy bitsies. Spidey was made realised by my sister, Nadira. Gave her a picture of how I want spidey to be...and voila! :D

Thanks again Rozi! You made my day :)


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