April 27, 2011

Handbag Organizer and Jewellery Roll

*this is a long post*

The idea of making these two items were put off since last year. They came up during one of my 'brainstorming session' with Rozi of Rozi's Needlework, while searching for ideas for Mom's Day, for my shop. She suggested a jewellery roll while I had an idea on handbag organizer. But I was still very new at sewing bags then, so the ideas were kept aside. I did gave sewing handbag organizer a try (twice actually) but both didn't turn out as great as it did now , LOL! Rozi had recently made one. So, finally, this year, I braved myself to try and make them for this year's Mom's Day.

*note to Rozi : for this post, terpengaruh rakan tak sebaya on the product version labelling*

Handbag organizer version 2.0 (version 1.0 was discarded *wink*)

Mom bought this for me in Jakarta sometime last July. Been using it with my Chic Mama Tote. So I had a sample to follow. Didn't copy exactly but I followed the measurement as I like the size very much.

The sample

The outcome

Version 2.0 is all great except that it couldn't fit into medium size handbag. Only large ones like my Chic Mama Tote. So I decided to adjust the size on my next try. Hence, version 2.1.

Handbag organizer version 2.1 

I love the adjusted one better. Especially now that it can fit into medium/large size handbag. That is very important as most women these days (including myself) carry handbags of these two sizes.

 Great for organizing personal things in handbags
Can even be used to organize baby's essentials in mama's handbag or baby's diaper bag

Jewellery Roll.

I can't remember the sample Rozi showed me. But this was recently forwarded to me by a client cum friend, Akmal who lives in Qatar. When two friends suggested the same thing, I decided to give it a try :).

These were made using beautiful brocade fabrics my mother bought me. Yup! She bought this during the same trip where she bought the handbag organizer :). Brocade was delicate and slippery to handle, especially when I'm so used to sewing anything cotton. However, I was glad I chose these fabrics over cotton as it gives the jewellery roll an exclusive look. Very suitable for the occasion too.

Comes in two colours : Red and Blue

3 zippered pockets for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches and 1 ring holder

The handbag organizer and jewellery roll are now available at Itsy Doodles Shop. Hop over for more details and pictures.

Love Note : Have you thought of what to get / make for your mom/ mom in law? I'm still searching for ideas. Hope I can find time to make something for them..cause lately, my time management is very lousy especially when it involves sewing *sigh*~. Must be hormonal. Hah! *wink*

April 15, 2011

Working from the dining table

I have back problem. Therefore i prefer to cut fabrics on the dining table. So what i normally do is cover the space I would like to use with a big brown paper and then put my cutting mat on it...even when I don't cut with a rotary cutter.

I'm am currently working on some ready stock items for Mother's day for the shop in between orders. What about you? What have you been busy with lately?
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April 12, 2011

Dinner and of Meeting New Aquaintances

Had makan-makan at the Famous Hj. Sharin Low, a newly opened Muslim Chinese Restaurant in Bangi last Sunday night. It was a special treat by mr.hubby's friend, Jamili, the towkay of Asyimi Style Network. Another associate, Hafiz was also there. All three brought their families along.

It was my first time meeting Jamili's and Hafiz's the wife,Syima and Izza. Didn't get to chat much as we arrived late. By the time we got there, the others already started eating.

Here are some pictures I managed to snap there. Super love Akif's picture here :).

I managed to whipped up a gift for the two ladies on the morning of the day itself.All done in an hour. Made them each an identical wristlet. I used the swirl cotton fabric I have in my stash. Had it for quite sometime but didn't know what to make out of it until now. Sweet aren't they? :)

To Izza & Syima, it was a pleasure meeting you both. Hope you two like your gift.

April 1, 2011

Celebrate The Boy : Favourite Roundup

Celebrate The Boy month ended about 2 weeks ago. And I am already missing it huhuhu.. So many things to sew, to try and make but so little time in hand. Though the party has ended, it will not stop me from celebrating. I want every month to be the boy month :). Well, at least I can try.

Here are some of my favourite that was featured on MADE and Made-by-Rae during the 'celebration' ;)

1. Refashion : Shirt to Jacket 2. Lined Pants 3. Button Fly Pants 4. Boy Shortalls  5. Lego Sack

Do give any of these tutorial a try. And I you do, please let me know ya. I'll definitely be posting if I get the chance to make some too :) 

Have a great weekend ahead!


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