August 19, 2010

Akif & his ball...He dribbles at 10 months old!

*Sorry for the poor video quality. Taken using my handphone as i didn't want to miss the 'star' while he was in action ;))

Akif learned to walk sooner than his two brothers, Kimi & Hafiy. Both Kimi & Hafiy walked after they blew their first birthday candle. Akif took his first step at 10 months old. Looks like someone just doesn't want to be left behind when his brothers go duit raya hunting this coming Eid. Heheheh

August 13, 2010

Birthday & a Special Offer

Today is friday the 13th. And today, I celebrate my birthday. Alhamdulillah, thank you Ya Allah! For I am still here, in good health, living a happy & blessed life and most importantly, I'm surrounded by people that I love.

To celebrate & welcome Ramadan, as well as to share the joy of my birthday, a special 15% discount will be given to all purchases & custom orders made on Itsy Doodles CHIC MAMA TOTE. Offer valid from today, 13th August 2010 until 31st August 2010. 

For further info on the Chic Mama Tote, head to our Itsy Doodles Shop or email me at

August 11, 2010

Ramadan Kareem to all..


Picture credit to Google images

Salam Ramadan to all my muslim family & friends.

A special quote i would like to share with you. This quote was posted by a few friends on FB. You may have read it too. But because i love every single word, i decided to post it here....

" Apabila Allah S.W.T cepat makbulkan doamu, maka Dia menyayangimu, apabila Dia lambat makbulkan doamu, maka Dia ingin mengujimu, apabila Dia tidak makbulkan doamu, maka Dia merancang sesuatu yang lebih baik untukmu.Oleh itu,sentiasalah bersangka baik pada Allah dalam apa jua keadaan sekali pun.kerana kasih sayang Allah ...itu mendahului kemurkaan nya. Amin..."

August 2, 2010

Happy Breastfeeding Week Mommies!

Just 10 Steps- The Baby Friendly Way

What are the 10 steps?

Setiap kemudahan yang menyediakan perkhidmatan perbidanan dan penjagaan bayi baru lahir perlu:
  1. Mempunyai polisi penyusuan ibu secara bertulis yang disampaikan kepada semua kakitangan kesihatan secara berkala.
  2.  Melatih semua kakitangan kesihatan dalam kemahiran yang perlu untuk melaksanakan polisi ini.
  3.  Memberitahu semua ibu mengandung tentang kebaikan dan pengurusan penyusuan ibu.
  4.  Membantu ibu-ibu memulakan penyusuan ibu dalam masa setengah jam selepas kelahiran.
  5. Menunjukkan ibu-ibu cara menyusukan dan mengekalkan penghasilan susu walaupun mereka terpaksa dipisahkan daripada anak-anak mereka.
  6. Tidak memberikan bayi-bayi baru lahir makanan atau minuman selain susu ibu kecuali atas sebab-sebab perubatan.
  7. Mengamalkan penyusuan di sisi ibu (“rooming-in”) – membenarkan ibu dan anak bersama-sama selama 24 jam sehari.
  8. Menggalakkan penyusuan ibu mengikut kehendak bayi.
  9. Tidak memberikan puting tiruan atau puting kepada bayi-bayi yang menyusu susu ibu.
  10. Menggalakkan penubuhan kumpulan sokongan penyusuan ibu dan merujuk ibu-ibu kepada mereka selepas keluar hospital atau klinik.

This card is courtesy of

To all breasfeeding mommies, this card is for you. Please feel free to collect & paste them at your site.

More Missy Totes...Super Gorgeous!

I find them absolutely GORGEOUS! I think i have over used the word GORGEOUS whenever i decribe designer cotton (not my handmade ya ;). But i couldn't find other words to described them better. Nasib je takde girls..if not, would have kept all for her/them hehehe.

What's even great is that they are reversible! 

Inspired by the tutorial given by Little Girl Pearl

All five are available at Itsy Doodles Shop.  To see what they look like in reverse, click here


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