October 29, 2010

Scraps from NYKOLETT

Got these scraps for FREE from kak ros of NYKOLETT.
No catch..just need to make one extra what ever it is I'm going to make & send it back to her.
I already have an idea of what to make. Just need to find time to make them. I'm a slow-pow by the way. 
Got any suggestion? Shout it here in the comment box ya.

She's giving more scraps away as you read this. Drop by her blog. If you are lucky, will get some too.

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October 27, 2010

Banana Fritters with Ice-Cream

Translated as Pisang goreng dengan Ais-krim aje pun heheheh.

My dearest mother-in-law gave the bananas through my BIL who was passing through on his way back to JB. Believe it or not, after 8 years of marriage, this was my 2nd time frying bananas. My 1st time was err...2 weeks ago? Hehehe...

 Ermm..why were these bananas not yellow? On first try 2 weeks ago it was golden yellow. Different type of pisang maybe? These are not for making fritters? Utk buat cekodok kot (Reminds me of an ex-coursemate, Leong Pooi Yee..she calls cekodok pisang, banana balls). In Johor,  cekodok are known as Jemput-Jemput :).

Back to my Pisang goreng....Used the simplest recipe to make the coating - Tepung gandum + Tepung beras. The result was..crispy & crunchy! It was from by my Aunt Shidah. And she also said..nak lagi sedap...makan dengan ais-krim. And that was what i did. Marvelously yummy!

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October 26, 2010

I finally bought these and made these...

I have been avoiding doing patchwork before. Just because i did not have a cutter set. Yes, all this while I have been cutting the squares / rectangles for bag making using Mr. scissors. To me having a cutter was not as essential as having a scissors. You still get to cut. But it takes an extra step before you get to cut. Need to trace the measurement one by one on to your fabric before you cut. With a cutter & a grid ruler, you save time because you can measure & cut at the same time.

After much hesitation & resistance, I finally decided to go for it. And I'm very happy I made the purchase. (Thanks to my PIC who never seemed to stop convincing me that it was time for me to have one hehehe). The first thing I made was a couple of potholders for a friend's wedding. It was my first potholders too. Have always wanted to make one for myself. But haven't come around to making one yet. These potholders almost didn't make it to the wedding hehehe..

Oh..and i made a matching card to go with my gift. Love it!

I'm off to play with my cutter now. Later....

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October 18, 2010

A New Bag and A Giveaway

Have been wanting to come up with a new bag for quite a while but could not  find time to make realise the idea. Only now do I get the chance & time to sew this little beauty.  Introducing Itsy Doodles new tote bag -  The Itsy Two Way Tote...

As a token of my appreciation and saying thank you to all Itsy Doodles friends, readers, followers and fans (likers), I am having a giveaway & THIS BAG will be the prize. Yayyy!!!  In tropical print, it is great for you or even for your loved ones. And....if the winner happens to be an Itsy Doodles customer, there will be an extra mystery gift for him/ her.

More details on the bag will be posted later at Itsy Doodles Shop.

To enter, here's what you have to do
1. Become a fan (Like) of Itsy Doodles on Facebook. Click here
2. Leave a comment here (in the comment box below this post. Not on Facebook ya), stating your Facebook profile name (for me to verify) AND your email address. 
3. The giveaway is open to all Itsy Doodles fans (erm..likers?) who has a valid Malaysia address. (Yes, Malaysians who resides overseas or non Malaysians who are planning to come to Malaysia sometime soon may enter this giveaway *wink* ).
4. The giveaway starts NOW and ends at midnight Friday, 29th Oct 2010. I will pick one (1) winner randomly and make the announcement on Monday, 1st November 2010 :)

Here's a button of our giveaway. Please kindly help us get the word around by suggesting  Itsy Doodles to your friends. THANK YOU for your support. Have a wonderful day!

October 14, 2010

Pressies for my besties :)

I was invited by Nadiah, my best friend since childhood for 'kenduri doa selamat' ( a small get together feast to recite prayers -in this case, for safe journey & safe return) last friday as her parents & her mother-in-law will be leaving for Mecca soon to perform their haj . And, since the day before was her birthday, I decided to whipped up something for her - a Money Purse. I didn't make just one though. Another bf, Iman celebrated her birthday during the Eid holidays so a Money Purse is a great belated birthday gift for her too.

Initially I wanted to make & give them as Raya (Eid) presents but I was swamped with orders and datelines in Ramadan so I didn't have the time to even start. When I got the invitation, I know I have to work on them as soon as possible.So here they are..

 I don't fancy wallet (anymore). I prefer one purse like this to put all my cash in ( this can even fit small envelopes for cash management purposes ;). And a card holder to put all my cards in.

I made two more Money Purses after that. The dotted one was for a dear friend, Aofah who has been supporting my handmade ever since I started making them. She ordered with me thrice and will be ordering again soon, insyaAllah ;).  Recently I made a shout out at Facebook looking for a preloved safety gate. She answered. And to my suprised, she gave it for freeeeeee ;D. So i decided to make one for her to say thank you.

The one in damask print is for ME hehehe...This is one of the print that made me fell in love with designer cottons in the first place. I just had to make something for myself in this design. The Money Purse was a perfect choice *happy*

Love Note : To Nadiah, Iman and Aofah, if you want a matching card holder to go with the purse, you can ORDER one ya! Heheheheh

October 7, 2010

Chic Mama Tote for The Purse Week Contest

Lemon Squeezy  is having A Purse Week Contest. I thought of trying my luck with my signature bag, the Chic Mama Tote.
The Chic Mama Tote was first created based on my need of a large bag that can fit my stuffs as well as my children's. And also my babywearing gear. And most importantly, it does not look like a diaper bag (only function like one).

 To view the first Chic Mama Tote i ever sewn, here's the link.

This is one of latest Chic Mama Tote I have sewn and it is now belongs to my ex-classmates from my primary school years.  I named it Chic Mama Tote- Garden in Red. Using Michael Miller's Garden Collage for the front & side pocket simply made this bag stands out :).

Thick heavy cotton in red were used as the outer fabric & for the straps. It has 2 pockets in front and 2 pockets on the sides, all using snap buttons for closure. For top closure, this bag closes securely with magnetic button.

The inside of the bag were lined with Japanese cotton in polka dots. It has 4 elastic/ expandable pockets inside. Roomy for all mommy's and baby's necessities. Also comes with a key lanyard attached to the bag using cute embroidered ribbon.

The side pockets are even great for carrying milk bottles or water bottles. The sides of the bags are expandable. I, however forgot to the pictures. Below are sample pictures of how the expandable sides look like.

Sample picture
Sample picture

The Chic Mama Tote measures 10(H) x 14(W) x 5(D) inches (approx) and the handles are 20 inches long.

Wish me luck! To those of you who wants to join in the fun, hop over to Lemon Squeezy for the details. Contest ends 08/10/2010, at midnight MST.


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