July 29, 2010

Little Missy Tote

Have been wanting to make totes for girls. Had an idea on the design. Gave it a try, but it was a little complicated to make. After all, it is meant for girls. So it should be sweet, nice & simple.
Consulted my 'partner-in-crime' and she emailed me an idea.

Here's the results : Delish Missy Tote

For further details, hop over to Itsy Doodles Shop.

July 27, 2010

I need help with my free motion stitch....PUHLEASEEEE!

I have been hit by the free motion sewing wave started by Anique of Craftzone Malaysia.
Tini has tried it.So has Durra. And i'm sure there are others who have already mastered the technique.

Me..however, failed BIG time.
I don't know where did i do wrong.
The thread nak bergumpal (tangle) jugak.
I have lowered the presser foot. Put in the thread correctly. Set the tension thread to '0' Semua ok kalau jahit biasa. Tapi bila nak jahit free motion je..tak jadi :(.

I bought the foot, then the ram-ram (hoop). First i tried without the ram-ram (i find the name ram-ram a little funny). First time tahu when anique mentioned it to me hehehe. Many did well without the ram-ram. But when i failed to hold the fabric without kejang-kejungkan my hands, i decided to buy the ram-ram (thinking maybe i'm a little s.l.o.w in that matter so..takpelah). Tapi..tak jadi jugak. I've googled, read tips, watched videos..the only problem is..benang masih bergumpal jugak! Mula2 ingat gumpal kat benang bawah. Bila tukar bobbin thread colour lain...rupanya it was benang atas yg bergumpal. So pelik! Made me wonder..is it me or it is my 'antique' machine?

 free motion foot

plastic cover to cover the feed (cannot lower)

tension thread set at 0

stitch - running stitch

stitch length : 3.5
Here are some pictures of my blunders. To those who might have tips & clues and maybe the answer to my misery..please leave a comment ya! Thanks! Appreciate it very much :)

Tried on interfacing material
Pictures : Left - front, Right : back

Tried on fabric
Pictures : Left - front, Right : back

Tried on fabric
Pictures : Left - front, Right : back*
* used contrast colour for bobbin thread : showed that the upper benang yg bergumpal..kenapa ye?

I really really hope you..or any sewing Otai @ Guru out there can somehow enlighten me on this. And i  hope it is me..not my sewing machine. Coz if it is my machine..i don't think i can afford to get a new one at the moment huhuhu..

July 26, 2010


More teeth coming!!!Noooo!!! (Mami is exaggerating hehehe_
Do you see them?
New teeth + Latching = you do the math :D
Just have to bear with it again for as long as Akif is still teething.

July 24, 2010

My July S.E.X

S.E.X is a short form for Stash Enhancing Expedition. Rozi blogged about it here. Since then, it had been a favourite word to use between the two of us sambil gelak2 *wink*

My parcel from MyBotanG arrived yesterday. I was waiting anxiously for it to arrive as few crafters who shopped with her have received theirs. I was smiling to my ears while opening :D

Got myself some 1/2m fabbies, FQ, FEs, a Scrab bag & a MyBotanG Bento bag in Koto Print exclusive made by Sue (love it!)

Designer fabrics from Lovemelots. Oh so GORGEOUS!

Ikea pinking shears.
(Tumpang kapal Rozi hehehe.)

One problem though...sayang pulak nak potong. How? Have you ever had this feeling? Wish i could just keep them...forever and ever hahahaha

Love Note : To my darling husband, TQ for sponsoring my MyBotanG purchase :)
(DH and Sue were classmates back in high school. I got to know her from the crafts first though, before DH told me about it. What a small world we live in ;)

Fun Playing - The Hafiy's Way

I believe that kids learn through play & imagination. I was going to fold the pile of clothes.But as soon as i longgok kan baju, Hafiy said "Wahh..sampah, tanah. Mami, nak main boleh?"Since mami got other thing mami can do first, so mami let him play with the pile of sampah/tanah clothes.He right away made his own excavator & starts to dig & pick up the sampah/tanah clothes.Akif played too hehehe.

The body of the excavator is the tong merah. Yang blue long thingy tu utk pick up things hehehehe

However, the fun ended when mami decided to fold the clothes *Boo Mami*. Hafiy was upset for a while.

Hafiy dear,
There will be more piles of sampah/tanah clothes you can play with next time. And the piles will never surut as long as you, abang & adik keep soiling & changing your clothes 2-3 times a day ;). By the way, one load of clothes are ready to be folded today. Want to play?

July 8, 2010

Thank you PondokCraft

Got my prize yesterday^^. Alhamdulillah.
Thank you to PondokCraft for having the giveaway.
Beautiful fabric stash. Tak puas lagi membelek.
Tengah perah otak nak fikir what to make out of the fabrics.And the zip. Mettler thread..wow! Most expensive benang i ever own. My threads are normally geng Dolphin ke..Astra ke..
Possibly I want to make something for myself so I'll always be reminded of the giveaway I won :).
Any idea kengkawan?
Nak gi belek kain lagi....hehehe

besau nye gambau hehehe

July 6, 2010

Pengaruh rakan tak sebaya jugak

Title pinjam Durra punya idea *wink*

It was my first time sewing something wearable for myself. A peasant blouse. A shirred peasant blouse. Kind of a sew along between me and Rozi. She emailed me the tutorials about 3 weeks back. She made hers already. Read about it here. I finally get to worked on mine last week, as i managed to finished my June orders early.

My partner in crime keep telling me not to use this fabric as it is 100% japanese cotton. Therefore it will not 'jatuh'. But my hands were so itchy to sew & i didn't have time to go to any fabric store to buy more kain. Dengan degilnya determination, i took measurements, cut, send for serging and sew myself the blouse. Everything was ok except the sleeve part. Though i measured & cut the sleeve long, it ended up 3/4. the first 3 inches were pulled up as the shoulder part ( i didn't know that ;).

I have always wanted to try shirring. So, i gave it a try. On the sleeves. These tutorials here, here and here helped a lot. And because this blouse has not 'cut' and since it was made of cotton, when i put it on, it went kembang setaman. I looked like a barrel LOL! To loose the kembang effect, i shirred a little under the bust line. Didn't helped much but oklah. Tang pinggang acik, nampak la ada pinggang ;). Still has the kembang effect on the bust area though. Made me b**bies seem bigger than they really are LOL!  I don't think i can wear it 'alone'. Must 'pair' it with Akif. Like so..


Punya la tak excited nak pakai walaupun baju tak la cun mana, dah jalan baru perasan baju masih ada kesan pencil merah-merah hahaha..

Love Note : What do you feel the first time / everytime you wear your own made item?

July 2, 2010

Finally, A Giveaway...(ermm..not mine ya)

It all started with THE SALE. MyBotanG to most or for some Ms.Sue, is coming  home to Malaysia mid of this month. In conjuction with that, she is having a 'small' sale for those who follows her blog,  and her work especially. The sale was on for 3 hari 3 malam. It made some people especially yours truly makan tak kenyang, mandi tak basah, tidur tak lena. Everyone wanted a taste of true Japanese fabric. So..most of the fabric were grabbed in a click of a mouse.

For those who follows MyBotanG, would know her signature bags- the Odekake, Hippo Hobo and the latest D' Lavender. For those who has yet to know her, click here and dwell yourself with her beautiful handmade. Her work is truly OAKK (one-of-a-kind). And very fresh & inspiring too.

I myself managed to grab a few items during the sale (abis berlobang poket ku huhu). Among the many few that i grabbed, my favourites are the KOTO fabby (in the scrap bag) & the Fat eighth in blue which are all original Jap prints. Can't wait to have them in my hand :).

And now..MyBotanG is having a giveaway. How can i resist from entering? Look at the cute prints. 2 sets awaits. Hope I'm one of the lucky ones ;). Tempting, right? Then try your luck here. The winners will be announced on the 12th July 2010. Good Luck!


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