April 30, 2010

Leg Warmer - Action Pictures

Remember that day i wrote about the prize we won in our first contest? You can read about it here
Well, the voucher is still available ( belum sempat nak ke Kay-Ef-See). The leg warmer..has been officially worn by the rightful owner. It's fair in a way...since Akif can yet feast on anything on KFC's menu, so Akif gets the leg warmer and the rest of us will share the voucher.

Initial plan was to wear the leg warmer on a family outing to the mall. But..since i don't know when that's going to happen (Ayah has been busy even on weekends). So.one evening,.i purposely dressed Akif in his romper instead of his pj's. Before he goes to sleep that night, i put on the leg warmer on him. He looked like a yummy lollipop, don't you think? Hehehe

 That's abg. Hafiy's leg at the side...watching the tele

Love Note : Sian Akif ...tido depan tv dulu sebab mami sibuk menjahit ;)

April 29, 2010

Step by step guide on how I prepare my baby's first solids

This is my version of making my baby's first solid. Since we live in a country where rice is our staple food, i made rice porridge for my baby. And this one here is added with carrot:-

1. Put in a pot half a cup of rice with plenty of water (i didn't measure). Leave to boil & let the rice gets soft and fluffy.

I used filtered water for cooking by the way

2. Add in grated carrot. Cook for another 5 minutes.

3. Put rice in a blender / food processor & blend until fine.

( this food processor comes with a few containers for blending so then one i use is only for processing baby's food. For processing other food stuff like chilies, onions etc, i use a different container. This food processor may not be branded but has served me for almost 8 years now :)

4. Pour all back into the pot, let it simmer a little then turned off the stove. Let porridge cool to room temperature* Add some water if it is too thick

5. I would normally keep in containers like these. I put in 2-3 ladle (senduk) full of porridge per container. It can make up to 4-5 serving of porridge. I would store 2 (for day 1 and day 2)in the fridge and the other 2 in the freezer (for day 3 and 4)

I labeled the containers with  Akif's initials so that it will not be used for other food like sambal belacan ;)

How rice porridge with carrot looks like

And this is how rice porridge with spinach (bayam) looks like.

Let's exchange recipes if you know any good & delicious ones.

Love Note : To know about the basic 4 days rule, visit Ibufarish's blog here.

April 28, 2010

Tummy binders for newborns a.k.a Barut

A dear old friend called me on a one fine day. She was looking for some barut gantung for her new niece. She asked me if i could make some. I thought...hey! i can sew.  So,why not? (walaupun tak pernah tengok barut gantung ;P). En. Google kan ada hehe. It looks like dulu-dulu chinese punya undergarment. Can't recall the name. D something something i think. Anyone has a clue? Please share with me.

This design is my fav. For girls..on a hot day like today, can be worn by itself. I use flannel as lining so i suppose it can still keep the baby's tummy warm ( tummy binders are worn to prevent baby from becoming 'windy'. One of many Malay's belief). As for the front, i use Ikea cotton for this one. And the rest...Japanese cotton bought from local textile store. 6 pieces all together.

Besides that, she also ordered 3 normal binders. They are made using printed flannels.

Wanie, thanks for the order. Hope your SIL likes them ;)

April 24, 2010

What have i been up to?

Plenty! Mostly..as a Stay At Home Mommy..i have been busy with my 3 kids..(ahh.biasa la tu, kan?). .It is not easy to manage time when you have a baby who breast feed on demand, actively crawling, constantly exploring and also a 3 years old tot who is curious to learn new things and love every moment of homeschooling with mummy. Alhamdulillah, my 7 years old is big enough to do some things by himself so, minimal supervision needed only. And house chores...i dare not start...too many to mention here :D

Despite the long list of things to do daily, i make sure i can squeeze sewing/crafting in my schedule (don't ask me how i do it hehe..). Amazed by  what i discovered in the crafting world , crafting has now made me a Work At Home Mommy wannabe...Hence the birth of my now opened blogshop, Itsy Doodles Shop. 

Itsy Doodles sells things i enjoy & love making such as BFF pillow & pillow case, purses (of course) and also offers personalising service. Response have been overwhelming so far, Alhamdulillah.

Do visit my blogshop & construstive comments are  welcome :)

Itsy Doodles is also on Facebook so check us out there too.

Thanks & have a wonderful day!

April 20, 2010

Aren't they yummy..

Yayy!! They are finally here. The first time i laid my eyes & my hands on them i was mesmerised. No other word to describe them but G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S! I pre-ordered the fabulous designer fabrics from Zura.

At first rasa sangat sayang nak potong. But then..i made these..

Two Tone Wristlets

and these

Cosmetic Clutches

*terlupa nak letak nama item plak tadi ;)

I have a few more but saving them for later lah pulak ;)

FYI..all the above are available & for sale. Interested, email me at itsydoodles@yahoo.com.

April 19, 2010

Our prize is here

Hoho.....dah seminggu tak buat entry...sekali berderet2 pulak nak dibuat. Ada yang dah overdue pun nak jugak buat LOL.

So..these are what we got for consolation prize utk contest Detik-detk berharga hari tu.
One colourful leg warmer for Akif . (Errrmmm..boy boleh pakai leg warmer ke? Have never seen a boy wearing one yet) and one RM10 KFC Voucher.

Thanks to Ms.Organiser & all the sponsors!

Akif has started solids & his mami made bib

After 6 months of fully BF, Akif's 1st solid was plain blended rice porridge. He was ever ready & very eager to eat his first meal. It was a pleasant start for both of us. With the two abangs, they started with rusks & baby cereal. They didin't really liked it at first. Thought of giving the same food to Akif. But during Susuibu SGM last months where i met mama Kamariah, i asked her and she said " Bagi dia apa yang u makan. Cereal...chances are he is not going to like it". Glad i took her advice :)

About the bib...made this bib a week ago..on a bright Sunday morning. Ayah took the two abangs to the playground at Taman Tasik Cempaka. I 'purposely' didn't want to join because i wanted to work on the bib while Akif have his morning nap. The plan worked...kinda.

Made the bib using dino fabric i ordered from Rozi. See my entry about the cute fabric here. As for backing, i used printed flannel in baby blue. This bib is reversible. Ohh..i used velcro for fastening. It was my time sewing bias tape. Wasn't so hard but had to go very slow because it was shaped round all over.

Dah seminggu baru Akif rasmikan. Then afterwards, abg.Hafiy ( pic not taken ;) pun nak pakai jugak..belasah...

April 3, 2010

Alhamdulillah! Menang our first contest :D

Rezeki anak. Yg paling kecil especially, coz Akif je yang layak masuk.
Contest apa?
Contest Detik-detik berharga yang dianjurkan oleh Aishah Megahasz.
To those yang masuk contest ni juga, can check the results here.
For those who missed my entry for the contest, can read about it here.


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