January 21, 2010


Kedai Chomel is having its Giveaway!

Too many cute stuffs to choose from. There are Nursing Covers, Felt Alphabets, Fabric Alphabets, Nursing Clip, Paci Clip and also Burp Cloth.

However, madam giver said participants can only pick one item only to blog on. Hmm..very hard. The nursing covers are all pretty, very tempting to go for that. The nursing clips..well those could definitely replace my DIY nursing clip made of en.AJ's biz tags :D.

After giving it a hard thought, i'll definitely go for the CHOMEL FABRIC ALPHABETS (A to Z).

1.I have just started homeschooling my darling Hafiy on ABCs. These colourful alphabets would definitely catch Hafiy's attention and makes learning more fun & interesting for him. Some more..i too want to avoid from getting hurt if Hafiy decided to throw his ABCs at me like Pn. Erni Fadzilah :D

2. It'll be more meaningful cause it is not something for myself but for my adorable Hafiy (though i would love to have my hands on those NC or at least the clips ;) )

If you want to know more about the giveaway, you can go here.

Click Kedai Chomel to see their collection.

January 18, 2010

Nursing Outside of Your Nest Essentials

From my previous entry here, here and here you would know that i'm new at this whole BF thingy despite being a third time mother. BF it self was not easy at first, let alone nursing in public (NIP).

So, let me share with you what TO ME are the most important things to have/do when you choose to NIP. (take note is a choice you make and there are other choices if you choose not to NIP).
1. Be comfortable
I wasn't a first. Akif was still too young at that time so he had to be guided to get a perfect latch. And it was impossible to do so without taking an amount of my breast out of my clothes. So..there i wa struggling to put my nipple into his mouth and at the same time trying to cover my breast and my tummy from getting exposed. My struggles caused Akif to be uncomfortable which at the end made him screamed his lungs out.

If you are worried about people staring, then what you should to is stare back at them. They will surely look away. Trust me..tried it and it worked!

Babies are very sensitive. If we are not comfortable, they too will get uncomfortable. Hence resulting to a very disappointing experience/moment.

Practise how you would NIP before you go out. Practise makes perfect!

2. Good nursing bra
I don't know how some mothers can nurse without a nursing bra. Wouldn't folding/ pushing your normal bra to the side whenever you want to nurse can in the long run damage your beautiful bra?

Once you have mastered unfasten and fastening the clips, BF will be a breeze. It's good to have a well supported nursing bra and make sure you have some with padding to wear with your plain clothes cause nipples tend to perk up after nursing. You definitely don't want be caught 'perking' off guard, right?

3. Nursing cover (NC)
When i first started BFing, i know it is a must have. I'm very shy about my assets so NIP must be done discreetly ;). But because the ones i like were kind of out my budget and because i don't know how to make one, i end up not owning one, at first. Then i found a way to have my own NC without having to spend or do very much from mama shmontel.

It went well a first but not anymore. You see, my baby is the type who likes to roam his fingers around when nursing. So the NC often gets in his way therefore would cause him to get upset. So out of the list goes my NC. But i still bring it along whenever i'm going out,just in case.

4. Nursing tops
This is most essential i think. But believe it or not, i don't own one. Not because i don't want to but because i cannot find one that fulfill my requirements/needs. I want a nursing top that is..

a. Not tight..i.e generous cut
b. preferably long sleeve so i can cover my aurah.
If not then i have to put on my cardigan to go with it it.
c. Long enough that it covers and ends slightly under my bottom.. (approx. 32" to be precise ;))
d. Large enough to fit me..i'm a size 16

So far, there are local brands selling nursing tops but none really suits me. Sleeves are normally 3/4 and length wise, not long enough as they always fall on the hips..not below. In the size department..hard to find one that fits comfortably.

So, I end up wearing my normal t-shirt or blouse. But what's lacking when wearing these normal clothes is tummy easily get exposed when you lift it up to nurse. To solve that problem, i have ordered two Tina Nursing Tanks from Fabulousmom. They are on clearance sale @ 50% discount! They can be worn under any clothes, the bust part drops down easily for nursing and has a built in shelf bra which provides good support.

Last time i checked, they are on its way to my door step. Hope this will be the only next best thing i need to make my NIP a pleasant& enjoyable one-for me and my baby ;)

Will keep you posted on how the tanks scores.

* For more NIP tips, please go here

January 17, 2010

I got stung by the BW bug ;)

One day, while browsing for what is the next carrier i should buy (want actually), i came across another local BW maker's website - SNUGGBABY. Liza, she specializes in making Mei Tai (MT), Ring Sling (RS) and now Soft Structured Carrier (SSC). Adoyai.... i fell in love with her selections of designed fabrics. Deliciously beautiful!

After corresponding with her on which carrier would suit me best - between an MT and an SSC, i have decided i'll go for the MT with buckles first (a.k.a Buck Tie). Hehe...saving SSC for later as back up plan in case my baby's weight becomes heavier than i can support/carry.

But..up until today..tonight..still can't make up my mind on the the fabric design. I like so many la . I want something vibrant, colourful that stands out but at the same time, the colour & design matches with what i wear. Susahkan?

I hope i can make up my mind by this week. The sooner i make my order, the sooner Liza can make it and the sooner i get to wear it. I plan to use it everyday especially when picking Kimi up from school. Akif will be in the BT, Kimi in one hand and Hafiy in the other. I pictured it will be a lot easier & quicker to put on& off than my current RS and some more, once worn, it should be snug enough so i don't have to keep adjusting it like i do when wearing my RS.

Like they say..if it isn't SNUG,it isnt' SNUGG! :D

Here are some of SNUGG MT pictures to dwell or drool upon...

* now you know why it is hard for me to make up my mind LOL!

Mummy, I can roll..

Milestones achievement @31/2 months : Can roll onto his tummy
However, he has not mastered his head control yet.
Keep on practising baby!
Mami knows you can do it. Chaiyok...chaiyok!

January 5, 2010

Adorable Hafiy is 3 today -__-

Why is Hafiy adorable? Because he IS. And he always will be :)
Here are some pictures of him to proof that...

Happy Birthday Sayang!
We loooooove you very very much!

Lots of Love from,
Mami, Ayah, Abang Kimi & Adik Akif.

January 4, 2010

Our trip to the Doctor-3 Months check up

P ergi check up pagi semalam.
Dr. Arbaiyah ada ramai sgt patient (maklumlah ramai yg rindu cz dia baru balik dr menunaikan haji).
Kami pun rindu juga tapi tak sanggup nak tunggu lama so jumpa her new partner Dr.Khairul Azman. Tunggu 1 patient je :)

Akif tido sebelum pergi klinik lagi. Bila masuk jumpa DR., letak je di examination bed, dia terus bangun & nangis. Ni gambar Akif marah2 kena baring sebab tadi tidur nyenyak dalam RS. Tapi kena jab jerit kejap je. Bila dukung, ok balik.

Weight : 6.35kg
Head Cir : 40cm
Length : 64cm (belum boleh dikira as height sbb belum boleh diri hehe :D)

Lain-lain gambar di klinik

Ni pulak waktu bawa abg. Hafiy 2 minggu lepas sbb ingat dia ada bowel problem.
Dia poop 3-4x a day & very smelly particularly after minum susu.
Tapi DR. check semua ok dan kata 4x masih dikira normal. Cuma DR. advise kurangkan minum susu & banyakkan makan (solid). Memang lately dia byk nak minum susu je..Sometimes up to 8x a day! Selera makan pulak kurang.Hmmm..
Nampaknye kena strict sikit la...

* After kena jab, petang baru Akif mula nak demam. DR pesan, kalau nak demam baru bagi ubat. Jgn bagi terus slps kena jab sbb akan mengganggu keberkesanan immunization yang diberi tadi. Alhamdulillah, kejap je demamnya. A bit fussy malam tadi dan susah nak tidur. Pagi ni dah ok :)

Celebs on BW

January 3, 2010

Cutest Baby of The Planet 2009

My entry for 'Cutest Baby of The Planet 2009 Contest' by Mom Bloggers Planet.com

D.O.B : 5.01.2007

All related infos about this contest can be found here

More infos on MomBloggersPlanet here

Contest ends 10th January 2010.

Wish us luck :)

January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010

Wow...my 2009 started with me getting pregnant with Akif. Now...2010..my baby yg dah besar, Hakimi is starting Standard One. How time flies~

I'm a day late to welcome 2010 coz i 'accidentally' caused me + kimi to suffer from a tummy ache. Nasib baik kimi kena sikit je. Ye lah...today dia kena attend his introduction class at his new school. Lagipun, i ate a little bit more than him so..padan pun mine was worst ;P. It was due to the hard boiled egg that i mashed to make sandwiches. The eggs must have gone bad but tak perasan huhu..

Anyway...2009..many beautiful & meaningful memories. 2010...new challenges i'm sure. Are you ready? Am i? Bring it on...


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