February 28, 2011

Celebrate the boy : Sling Bag for Hakimi

Every time Kimi sees me sew something, he would ask me who is it for. If I was not working on something for home or for the family, he would then feed me ideas on what I should sew. And that includes what he wants me to make for him. One of it is a sling bag. I made him a drawstring backpack earlier but he uses the bag to carry his Qur'an for his Qur'an reading classes.

Made the requested bag using denim fabric bought at Nagoya for the main panel & pockets and designer fabric for the flap. He had personally chosen this Ready, Set, Go -Airplanes during my recent S.E.X (stash enhancement expedition) at Etsy. When asked why he wanted a sling bag, he said he wants to wear it on outings- to put in his wallet, water bottle, books etc. I wanted to make the bag horizontal but he wanted it to be vertical instead.

Just a simple bag with 2 pockets in front

The main compartment can fit A4 size books/papers.

Kimi with his bag.

Wearing the bag during our outing to Subang Parade-Carrefour Subang last weekend.

Kimi's bag was made a little slouchy. Made a few more (with improvement on the body) to be introduced to the shop soon. In the mean time, here's the sneak preview ;).

February 23, 2011

Celebrate the boy : Pants and sunhat for Kimi

Made these for Kimi about a month back. I forgot that I have not write a post on them yet. So this post come in time for Celebrate The Boy month :).

Kimi grows taller everyday.  But his waistline does not expand as fast. He gets his father's genes when it comes to weight gain I guess hehehe. Some of his casual-at-home pants are still wearable but the cuffs are already up to his ankle LOL! Senteng we call it. So I made him two 3/4 pants which I find practical yet functional. Since they are for his everyday wear, it is practical to make them in 3/4 length. Easy for him to move around without feeling uncomfortable. Functional means he can wear them for solah (prayer) without having to change to a longer pants as it already covers his aurah (properly dressed for prayers). And if we suddenly decide to go out, these pants are decent for for outings too.

I followed Novita's tutorial for the slant pockets. I love how the stripes fabric added detail to the pants.

And this sunhat...was made from what's left of the fabric used to make those pants. Added the applique taken from the t-shirt here. Kimi refused to have his full face captured for this photo. Hmmm..I wonder why  ;)

February 21, 2011

Chic 'Granny' Tote

I was commissioned with two different tote bags but with similarities- they are for grannies and both want theirs with zippers for closure. I used the same pattern as my Chic Mama Tote for these bags. It was a challenge for me as I have never sewn a bag with zipper for closure before. Only on pouches. I was worried they may not turn out okay. And boy, I was glad they did! :)

The first bag was for makcik Saorah, my former babysitter.  I went to her house a couple of weeks back as her daughter,Idra had just given birth to her second daughter. I gave Idra my signature bag, the chic mama tote I made a while back. It's the one here. Pink suits her perfectly - to carry her stuff and her girls' :). When makcik Saorah saw the bag, she liked it and wanted me to make something similar but simpler for her. Since it is not a mama bag, this bag comes with a zippered pocket and 2 slip pockets inside.

The second bag was commissioned by an ex-schoolmate, Ratna for her dear grandmother. Her granny likes the one she has (see Ratna's bag here) and wanted exactly the same. But after discussing, the bag was made two inches taller and but in the same color scheme - black & white. Since the polka dot fabric was no longer in stock, Ratna chose Silhoutte in Black for this bag. It has 3 zippered pocket outside and 1 zippered pockets and 2 slip pockets inside.

 I hope both ladies will be happy with their bags. To view more on the bags, click here and here.

February 19, 2011

Breastfeeding Query 1 : Breastfeeding & jaundice - to continue or not?

The worry : Umar had jaundice when he was about 5 days old. And the reading was quite high too. But he was not admitted. He was told to go home & continue breastfeeding as usual. However, his Mommy worries as the reading keeps going up day after day. She was then told by the clinic staff to give her baby formula milk for a faster recovery. What should we do if we face the same situation?

*picture credit to Google*
I did some online research to understand more on jaundice in newborns. Understanding what it is all about will give us a clearer picture & option for our next action. Below are my findings that gave me the information I needed. 

Definition of Neonatal jaundice

Neonatal jaundice is jaundice that begins within the first few days after birth. (Jaundice that is present at the time of birth suggests a more serious cause of the jaundice.) In fact, bilirubin levels in the blood become elevated in almost all infants during the first few days following birth, and jaundice occurs in more than half. For all but a few infants, the elevation and jaundice represents a normal physiological phenomenon and does not cause problems.

Common types of jaundice in newborns

Physiologic Jaundice

The liver changes bilirubin so that it can be eliminated from the body. If, however, the liver is functioning poorly, as occurs during some infections, or the tubes which transport the bilirubin to the gut are blocked, this changed bilirubin may accumulate in the blood and also cause jaundice. When this occurs, the changed bilirubin (called conjugated bilirubin), appears in the urine and turns the urine brown. This brown urine is an important clue that the jaundice is not "ordinary". Jaundice due to conjugated bilirubin is always abnormal, frequently serious and needs to be investigated thoroughly and immediately. Except in the case of a few extremely rare metabolic diseases, breastfeeding can and should continue.
Accumulation of bilirubin before it has been changed by the enzyme of the liver may be normal—"physiologic jaundice". Physiologic jaundice begins on the 2nd or 3rd day, peaks on the 3rd or 4th day and then begins to disappear. However, there may be other conditions that cause an exaggeration of this type of jaundice, such as a more rapid than normal breakdown of red blood cells. Because these conditions have no association with breastfeeding, breastfeeding should continue. If, for example, the baby has severe jaundice due to rapid breakdown of red blood cells, this is not a reason to take the baby off the breast. Breastfeeding should continue.

Breastmilk Jaundice

There is a condition commonly called breastmilk jaundice. No one knows what the cause of breastmilk jaundice is. In order to make this diagnosis, the baby should be at least a week old, though interestingly, many of the babies with breastmilk jaundice also have had exaggerated physiologic jaundice. The baby should be gaining well, with breastfeeding alone, having lots of bowel movements, passing plentiful, clear urine and be generally well (topic #5 Is my baby getting enough milk?). In such a setting, the baby has what some call breastmilk jaundice, though, on occasion, infections of the urine or an under functioning of the baby's thyroid gland, as well as a few other rare illnesses may cause the same picture.
Breastmilk jaundice peaks at 10-21 days, but may last for 2-3 months. Breastmilk jaundice is normal. Rarely, if ever, does breastfeeding need to be discontinued even for a short time. There is not one bit of evidence that this jaundice causes any problem at all for the baby. Breastfeeding should not be discontinued "in order to make a diagnosis". If the baby is truly doing well on breast only, there is no reason, none, to stop breastfeeding or supplement with a lactation aid, for that matter. The notion that there is something wrong with the baby being jaundiced comes from the assumption that the formula feeding baby is the standard by which we should determine how the breastfed baby should be. This manner of thinking, almost universal amongst health professionals, truly turns logic upside down. Thus, the formula feeding baby is rarely jaundiced after the first week of life, and when he is, there is usually something wrong. Therefore, the baby with breastmilk jaundice is a concern and "something must be done". However, in our experience, most exclusively breastfed babies who are perfectly healthy and gaining weight well are still jaundiced at 5-6 weeks of life and even later. The question, in fact, should be whether it is normal not to be jaundiced and is this absence of jaundice something we should worry about? Do not stop breastfeeding for “breastmilk” jaundice.

Breastfeeding Jaundice

Higher than usual levels of bilirubin or longer than usual jaundice may occur because the baby is not getting enough milk. This may be due to the fact that the mother's milk takes a longer than average time to "come in", or because hospital routines limit breastfeeding or because, most likely, the baby is poorly latched on and thus not getting the milk which is available (topic #5 Is my baby getting enough milk?). When the baby is getting little milk, bowel movements tend to be scanty and infrequent so that the bilirubin that was in the baby's gut gets reabsorbed into the blood instead of leaving the body with the bowel movements. Obviously, the best way to avoid "not-enough-breastmilk jaundice" is to get breastfeeding started properly (topic #2 Breastfeeding—Starting Out Right). Definitely, however, the answer to not-enough-breastmilk jaundice, is not to take the baby off the breast or to give bottles. If the baby is nursing well, more frequent feedings may be enough to bring the bilirubin down more quickly, though, in fact, nothing needs be done. If the baby is nursing poorly, helping the baby latch on better may allow him to nurse more effectively and thus receive more milk. Compressing the breast to get more milk into the baby may help (topic #17 Breast Compression). If latching and breast compression alone do not work, a lactation aid would be appropriate to supplement feedings (topic #6 Using a Lactation Aid).

Please take note that this post is for knowledge purposes only, and is not intended for use as diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or as a substitute for consulting a licensed medical professional.Therefore,  I shall not be responsible and disregard for any liability arises from the use of any information taken from this article.

February 18, 2011

Celebrate the Boy Month

It's finally here. Yayy!!!  Hosted by Dana of Made & Rae of Made by Rae. An entire month dedicated to boys clothing, boy crafts, boy style and boy ideas. And oh! Boy!..I am so thrilled.

Dana is having Kid Pants Series. Started with the Basic Pants which comes with tutorial & a free pattern.

And today, she writes a tutorial on how to lined pants.

Rae's 1st tutorial was on these cute dragon slippers

It has just been 3 days. All these and more for 30 days....wow! can't wait ! If you think you can handle 30 days of boys stuffs, to join in the party, grab a button here or here. Be sure to check their blog often as most days they will be posting twice a day.

Visit Itsy Doodles Shop to see CUTENESS and FUN we have brought in for boys...

Oh Boy....:)

February 14, 2011

Welcome Umar an-Nasri

I was suppose to make a post on breastfeeding (as I mentioned here)..but it is not yet complete and still in draft mode. So i thought, another sewing post would not do this blog any harm, right?  *wink*

Umar will be 2 months old in a week. With this new addition, my parents now have 4 grandchildren and they are all BOYS. Yup! You read it right.Four boys. The first three are mine.  Lagi tunggang terbalik lah rumah Tok & Aki ;).

For Umar, Mami Naza made you a romper and a matching sunhat. This romper uses the same pattern as the one I made for Akif earlier. Made it in plain grey cotton-linen fabric enhanced with designer cotton, Mingle in Summer, at the collar, yoke (the shoulder panel), sleeves, pocket and the leg bands.  I also made you a pair of of big butt baby pants in denim with baby dino prints at the cuffs. Looking at them, well, those are about all of the things I can sew (at the moment) that's suits a little person like you. However, you may not be able to wear them yet as I made them all in sizes..ermmm..1Y and up. Oppss! Hehehe.., Worry not dear, you'd be running in those romper and pants before you know it. And I'm looking forward to that moment too :).

For my sis-in-law, I made her a nursing cover. She wanted the nursing cover to be in cute children print and specifically not in white. The only print I have in enough yardage & fit her request was this Sue Bonnet print in brown. I hope she's going to like it.

She made herself a pledge to breastfeed her baby for as long as she can. And I support her. As a new mother, it was a challenging start a first but she got through it.  And she still have a long way to go. With a lot of patience, determination and support, she will get to where she's going, insyaAllah.

February 10, 2011

A note to remind myself

*this is a no picture post*

I've been biased towards writing about my sewing/ crafting activities ONLY. This post is to remind me why this blog was first started - for me to tell & tale about my breastfeeding journey, my sewing activities and also on babywearing, as I support natural parenting :). Thus, once in a while I have to be fair *wink*. However, my last post that was breastfeeding related was about a couple of months ago. While on babywearing..well..there were no recent post on that. Hmmm..

On babywearing...I don't baby wear as often as I used to. Akif is now 16 months old so..during groceries shopping he would sit in the shopping cart's seat. While during outings, we ( me and hubby) only wear him when necessary. Otherwise, we just let him run freely hehehhe... Besides, I do not have that many gear to write about. Still stuck with the 1 year old 'Buckle-Tai'. I wish to upgrade to an SSC but still i the midst of deciding as I'm kind of unsure whether it's necessary or is it more like to stashtify myself muahahaha.

As for breastfeeding...Alhamdulillah..still going on strong. Not much to write either..as it has been a smooth journey so far (except for a few series of blistered nipples *Ouch*). Recently my SIL gave birth to a baby boy, Umar an-Nasri. She was determined to exclusively breastfeed her baby so I helped her with whatever I can. She undergone her confinement at her hometown. Internet access was poor there so every now and then she would SMS me for tips and answers to her breastfeeding queries.

In future post(s), I am going to share on some interesting findings (on breastfeeding) I came across while looking for answers for my SIL. Some are very useful especially for first time mom.

Thank you for reading & have a nice day!


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