October 11, 2012

Birthday and Raya in August

Yess..I'm still a little behind with my posts. Still on one-week-one-post on what took place during the months my blog were left untouched hehe. This post covers August happenings. So one more post (on September), then I'll be on track (if I don't get side tracked ;).

Celebrated my thirty fourth birthday in August.  I'm thankful and blessed with everything I have..life, family, everything! Wishing I'm given more & more blessed moments like the ones I had for many many more years to come. And that day by day I'll be a better person - daughter, wife,mother, friend but most importantly, a better 'abd, insyaAllah.

Raya Aidilfitri came about a week after my birthday. We had a very simple and fulfilling Ramadan this year,Alhamdulillah. Hafiy 'puasa' (fast) for the first time but only made it till noon. At 5 years old, he still doesn't understand the concept of fasting  . He fasted so that he can 'berbuka' .He thought, if he doesn't fast, he cannot eat 'dinner'. Cute eh? hehe

Sewed my kids' baju raya and this time it's 3+1! Three raya tunics for the boys and a simple dress for cik kak.

Set a countdown for the whole process so that I could finish them on time (before raya, that is). Recorded my progress of the whole baju raya making process on Itsy Doodles's page. Managed to complete all four in 7 days.

And lastly..a quick update on Sofya at 5 months..

Weighs 6.9 kg, chuckles and laughed a lot, can roll on her tummy and back. Bought her first crinkle cloth book. But instead of read, she binged on them! Still not over those itchy gums i guess :)

October 9, 2012

The Pillowcases..

Our small contribution for the KuSarungkan Kasih charity project.

 Fabric sponsored by D'amani Cottontherapy

From us

October 3, 2012

Pillowcase for A Cause, Mama Bag in Corduroy and Cik Kak @4months

In July,  a group I belonged to in facebook launched a special project for children at the pediatric ward in government hospitals. The idea is to give each and every one of them cheerful pillowcases to brighten up their ward.

A dedicated page, KuSarungkan Kasih was set up to update all necessary activities regarding this project. The Pediatric Oncology and Respiratory Ward in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) has been selected to be the first to receive the pillowcases. The event is planned to take place sometime in November 2012 in conjunction with Children's Day.
We have received overwhelming responses on this project. From volunteers to sew pillowcases, to fabric sponsorships as well as individuals who donated cash and other items to be given as gifts to the children.  To get updates or to know how you can contribute, please go the the page as mentioned above, LIKE the page and contact the page's admin.

I had just finished sewing few pillowcases for this cause. Will post the picture in my next entry :).

On Itsy Doodles creations.. in July, Mama Bag made using beautiful corduroy as the main body panel were introduced. The luxurious look of the corduroy, the soft textured when touched really compliments the beautiful prints of designers cotton used for the outside pockets. Corduroy really brings our 100% handmade Mama Bag to a new level without blowing one's pocket :).

Below are pics of custom made Chic Mama Tote in Corduroy. Gorgeous aren't they? ;)

As for cik kak who turned at 4 months last July.. her weight was 6.3kg. She's salivating a lot and likes to put everything in her mouth, to bite on! Looks like her gums are itchy but no sign of teeth coming out anytime soon. Bought her a teether which her brothers nicknamed it as 'Sofya's Donut' :D

Sofya and her donut ;)


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