February 9, 2012

Leisure Sewing : Pillowcase and Pillowcase Dress

The pillowcase is for my mom while the pillowcase dress if for baby dearest,InsyaAllah. remember the huggy pillow I made for my mom a whileeee..back? ( you can read bout it here ).It is now not as fluffy as before. Therefore, I decided to stuffed more cotton fluff (kekabu) and at the same make a replacement case for it.

I recently bought a button cloth mould/maker but had yet to give it a try. So for this special project instead of making the normal slip case or with tie closure as before, I made one using cloth buttons as closure.And I love the result. Emm,..had fun making them too hehehe :D. And this is my first time sewing laces too. I simply love the fabric combo added with cotton lace as embellishment.

And since I have enough fabric left, I thought this combo would also make a sweet dress. As it was my first time sewing a dress, I used a free pattern & tutorials by Made by Petchy and Little Big Girl Studio. This dress was easy to make thus made me feel addicted to make more. I definitely will, if time permits :).

An update on my pregnancy :
I am now 33 weeks along. Based on my previous delivery history (my 2nd & 3rd sons were born on the 37th week) my OB said I may have about 4 weeks more before the baby comes. Have a few more orders to complete and baby projects as well. Hope to finish them all in time. Wish me luck! *wink*

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