March 29, 2012

Sofya's Jaundice Experience

Sofya was detected with jaundice on her day two of life. The reading was 12.8 then. She was allowed to go home but had to come back two days later for a follow up.
The result of the check up was shocking. Her jaundice reading shot to 20.8 (350) in two days! She was immediately referred to Serdang Hospital for treatment.
She was admitted at about 3pm..treated with intensive phototherapy treatment. After 3 hours, the result was not good at all. Her jaundice reading was worst that before, 24.3 (413).
The doctor than told me she will be given an extensive triple light treatment. If her jaundice level did not come down, she will have to go for a blood transfusion. What I felt then was beyond any explaination. All my husband and I could do was pray to Allah the Almighty for his mercy on my little Sofya. And alhamdulillah, our prayers were answered.
Had only two and a half hours of sleep that night. Besides the phototherapy, had to make sure Sofya is breastfed every two hours in order to help bring down her jaundice.
We spent 2 nights at Serdang Hosp NICU. The second night, we got to room-in together as her jaundice level had gone down to 14.8 (251). But poor Sofya has had enough. Refused to stay long under the light. Would cry everytime she was put under it. Bare naked in the cold air conditioned ward did not helped much either.I barely had any sleep that night. In between feedings, I had to pat her, hold& stroke her hands so that she knows I was there with her.
Alhamdulillah, the next morning her jaundice level went down to 12.8 (204) so she was discharged. She slept the whole morning soundly and peacefully until her ayah came to bring us home.
It was a traumatic and devastating experience for me the whole time I was at the NICU. Had to hold myself whenever Sofya cries as I could not simply pick her up whenever she does. She needs to be under the light to get better. The longer the better. There were also time when I was not allowed to breastfeed directly to lessen her breaks from the light. Had to expressed and the nurses will then cup feed her. At that time..I even volunteered to burp her just so I could hold her. her 20th day of life..her jaundice is still visible. Latest reading taken last Monday was 8.4. However I'm not worried anymore so long it is going down. After 14 days of life..her jaundice is now known as prolonged jaundice. We again have to go to Serdang Hosp for 'investigation' on why it is prolonged. That's the protocol. Praying everything will turn out ok.
Thank you to all who prayed for Sofya's recovery and for your endless support.

FYI this entry is blogged while I breastfeed Sofya at the comfort of my own bed *bliss*
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