December 15, 2011

For my boys

I'm 25 weeks along into my pregnancy. All early pregnancy symptoms have gone the moment I entered 2nd trimester. However, for the past two weeks, have been experiencing nausea and headache as I did in 1st trimester..huhu.

I am currently finishing up pending orders. Normally it would take me about two weeks top to complete an order. But lately..i took more than that.Can hardly sit for more than 1 hour per sewing session. Lucky i have clients who are kind & understanding about this. Two more bags to sew then I will be closing on custom order slots until further notice.

And the first thing I plan to do while on 'leave' is to sew for my boys. It has been ages since I last sew anything for them. To get me it the mood, i splurged on this beautiful boyish prints. Can't wait to turn them into something :D 

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