January 12, 2012

My Leisure Sewing List (to do before I pop!)

Lately I have become so excited about going to have time to do some leisure sewing. Day after day the list becomes longer and longer. And then I will pause and wonder whether I'll be able do them all before I deliver.
Started with..sewing some active pants for Hafiy and Akif. and few pairs of pyjamas for the two of them. Next come day curtains for the boys room and for my bedroom door.

For the baby, I wanted to make a few pair of cute baby pants..and pillow sets with covers. Then adding burp cloths to the list.

As for myself..i planned to make a Ring Sling instead of buying one. FYI, I heart baby wearing :). I already have a buckle-tai which I bought from Snuggbaby. If the RS will be essential in the early months..at least until the baby can be carried in the buckle-tai. Then last night, I got this idea of making myself a few pairs of maxi skirts to wear at home..or anywhere even.

Well, you might think the list is not long enough. But if I only get to allocate time to do all these in between doing orders, do you still think the same now?

Nevertheless, I will still try my best to pull this off. Wish me luck. I'll update you every time I manage to complete any one of that's on the list. Deal?


  1. wah... bestnyer.. mcm2 nak jahit.. saya dah tak larat dah.. hehe..

    Bila EDD? Semoga dipermudahkan segalanya.. amin.. :)

  2. Berangan nye lebih je zila. tak tahulah sempat ke tidak.
    Due end of March insyaAllah.
    Awak tak lama lg kan?
    All the best. Moga semuanya mudah,insyaAllah :)



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