January 10, 2012

Weekend quick sewing

I got invited by an old childhood friend, Thasa for her 1st daughter, Jeda's birthday party and her 2nd daughter, Madeeha's Akikah feast last Saturday. I didn't have the time to shop for anything nor did I have the time to make anything fancy for the two girls. Since I have always wanted to try and make sling purse for little girls, I thought it would be a great time to try and make one. Alhamdulillah, it turn out great as I imagined it :). And I got feedback from Thasa this morning that Jeda loves her purse and wanted to wear it to kindi.

As for little Madeeha, I googled on what to make for her and came across burp cloths. Thought it would be a great gift for mom & baby as well. Using a plain baby nappy cloth enhanced with designers cotton at one end and voila! Madeeha can now burp in style. I love how quick and simple it was making the burp cloths. I'm sure I'll be making some for myself sometime soon *wink*

As for sewing for my boys..I'm still not done with their active pants. Made two more pairs-one pair each for Hafiy and Akif. Got it done Saturday morning and they worn it to Jeda's birthday party/Madeeha Akikah feast later that afternoon. I sooo love the guitar print! Don't you?

All in all..it was great meeting old friends. Can hardly remember when was they last time we all sit together like this. Probably during primary school years?

 The Girls

New week has begun. Will start working on confirmed orders once again. But I hope to be able to do more leisure sewing in between. By the way. Hafiy, who turned five on 5th January 2012 started his first day at kindi yesterday. He was all excited about school. The first word that came out of his mouth when he got into the car after school was "Seronok sekolah!" (School was fun) :D.

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