September 25, 2012

Modpodging with The Boys and Her First Hat

So..what did we do in June? Hmmm...

Bought these Modpodges since before I gave birth to Sofya. Please goggle 'modpodge' if you want to know what it is. Not until the mid semester school break in June did I find time to enjoy these with the kids. The one in blue is to be used on fabric while the yellow one is for all surfaces with matte finishing.

Each of the boys modpodged empty cadbury chocolates plastic bottles while I modpodged empty cookie tin. We had an enjoyable afternoon that day doing this. We look forward to another session of modpodging..possibly soon after but none took place so far. Maybe during the long school holidays at the end of year boys? I promise!

In the pic below, 1st bottle on the left is Hakimi's, middle one is Akif's while Hafiy's is the one on the right.
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For my cik kak (that's her nick name ;) who turned 3 months in June, made her a reversible sunhat. Named the sunhat Aara Sunhat - after her.  It was a bit big for her then but she'll grow into it..(she's 6 months now but there's still room for growth). This is in size 0-6 M.

At 3 months, cik kak weighs 5.2kg. Notice how round and chubby she has become? Mami's milk did all that :D. She loves attention, hates lying down and always demands mommy to be her Bumbo ;).


  1. Baby girl after 3 boys! yeayyy!
    saya selalu berangan dgn fabric pink and my 3 heroes takkan sekali kali pakai...hehehe...maybe a girl next time!

  2. Hi doc!
    Yes! Finally. Alhamdulillah.
    Psstt..sewing for girls..endless! hehehe
    InsyaAllah..ada rezeki u nanti :)



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