September 19, 2012

What I Picked Up, Put Down and Baby at Two Months

It has been 3 months since I last posted anything. Today, while going through my blog..i realised how I miss those days when I had time to blog about my babies, my sewing activities..breastfeeding.. well..practically about anything I want.Hopefully..more post will follow after this one ;)

*Few post will back date on things that happened since the last time I wrote until today*

While I was pregnant with Sofya, I learned tatting. The word 'tatting' was new to me when I first heard of it. Until today, this is what i managed to make..few rings with picots.

Then, after I was done with my confinement, I picked up knitting. Me and a few friends meet up and were taught on knitting basics by sifoo Rozi. During the two hours class, I learned how to cast on and the knit stitch. I was not ready for purl. Bought the circular needle set for beginner so I could practice.

And here is my practise piece hehe...

On is a pic of her at 2 months old and weighs 4.0 kg. Her first time wearing a skirt. Paired it with a romper. Easy!

Another pic wearing another skirt. Because of this pic, I named this skirt the Peek-A-Boo skirt ;). and yes, I made the diaper cover too.

Now, she can still wear these skirts. Used to be knee length. But now they have become mini skirts. Lol!

Love Note : Able to sew for a girl is a bless :).

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