December 23, 2009

Natural Parenting

Natural parenting...a new nurturing concept yg saya pertama kali tahu through MommyLuna's blog.

Natural Parenting is about exploring gentle, instinctive and attachment parenting methods by avoiding common products and customs designed to separate us from our offspring and choosing more organic, instinctive and attached parenting techniques such as breastfeeding, babywearing, cosleeping, homeschooling and elimination communication.
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Looking at myself..apa je yg saya buat yg in line dgn natural parenting? Let see..
1. Breastfeeding - Have been doing that for 3 months now (well..almost ;) ) . Love every single moment of it!

2. Babywearing - I have an RS pouch a.k.a kain gendong komersil hehe. Dah pakai beberapa kali bila outing dgn anak-anak. Belum boleh adapt sepenuhnya sebab everytime pakai, after sometime mesti sakit bahu. I'm sure i have put it on correctly..(coz it had free tutorials from youtube heheh). Maybe..after banyak-banyak kali nanti..oklah kot, kan?

However, will not say no to stroller coz to me..once the baby gets bigger (and heavier) it is much comfortable for him to sit on a stroller especially when he wants to nap during outings.

3.Co-sleeping- Started this with my 2nd son. and now sambung dengan 3rd son. Easy for night feedings. Mula-mula memang takut in case terpenyekkan baby. But then, as mommies, even in our sleep,i think unconciously kita tahu baby ada disebelah kita so..insyaAllah tak terjadi kes tergolek atas baby.

4. Homeschooling - Tak la banyak tapi..rasanya semua yg kita ajar anak kita di rumah..from how to play to how to talk, eat, recognize ABC & 123, mengaji, doa, solat, self hygiene, manners and so on..di kira homeschooling lah jugak. Cuma saya masih hantar ke playschool/preschool/sekolah untuk expose kan mereka kepada formal learning, utk berkawan dan juga for them to gain more knowledge coz as parents, i too have my limitations to teach all that my children need to know.

Tu je lah kot. Apa-apa pun, do what ever you feel is right for you& your children. Tak perlu nak mengikut orang lain / 'trend' semasa dalam parenting unless memang baik untuk semua. There's no right or wrong in parenting. Trying to be the best parent makes you the best parents. Everyday...every a new experience. So..bereksperimentasilah dgn kehidupan anda!

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