December 31, 2009 in lah

All this while kan, i tot carrying babies in a sling is an ordinary thing as strolling them in strollers. I can't remember why in the 1st place i bought my RS. I bought it while doing my confinement after delivering Hafiy. Maybe because of its convenience in carrying baby. But due to lack of knowledge (and practise too), it was left unused & folded away until recently.

Akif is a little more clingy than his brothers were. Mesti nak bau mami jugak :). Maklumlah..yg ni baby yg fully BF & co-sleep dgn mami. Kalau i put him down on the bed to sleep after BF, sure will wake up one ;P

Cuma..i wonder..kalau dah ramai yg do BW ni, how come very hard to stumble upon them? Siap dah ada forum lagi. Tapi..rasanya baru sekali dua je ternampak. Bukan je susah nak jumpa parents yg BW..tapi whenever i do it pun..orang mesti pandang-pandang (ke..i je yang perasan hehe).

I'm planning to add a couple of carriers to my collection-soon. Maybe another RS and one PS. Currently..eyeing on

Latte from JumpSacBaby

Actually berkenan yg ni baby is a boy la huhu.. ( i loooove pink colour!!!)

Also..berkenan dengan yang ni..Both from mamapatch

Lawakan? hehe..kena start kuMpOL duit....


  1. Yang pink tu my favourite to. Belila, tak kisahla baby boy or girl boleh pakai punya. Yang penting mummy glam :D

  2. Tau tak pe :). Dah syok dgn mei tai ..tak tau la nk ke RS ke tak. Upgrade to SSC boley?



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