January 17, 2010

I got stung by the BW bug ;)

One day, while browsing for what is the next carrier i should buy (want actually), i came across another local BW maker's website - SNUGGBABY. Liza, she specializes in making Mei Tai (MT), Ring Sling (RS) and now Soft Structured Carrier (SSC). Adoyai.... i fell in love with her selections of designed fabrics. Deliciously beautiful!

After corresponding with her on which carrier would suit me best - between an MT and an SSC, i have decided i'll go for the MT with buckles first (a.k.a Buck Tie). Hehe...saving SSC for later as back up plan in case my baby's weight becomes heavier than i can support/carry.

But..up until today..tonight..still can't make up my mind on the the fabric design. I like so many la . I want something vibrant, colourful that stands out but at the same time, the colour & design matches with what i wear. Susahkan?

I hope i can make up my mind by this week. The sooner i make my order, the sooner Liza can make it and the sooner i get to wear it. I plan to use it everyday especially when picking Kimi up from school. Akif will be in the BT, Kimi in one hand and Hafiy in the other. I pictured it will be a lot easier & quicker to put on& off than my current RS and some more, once worn, it should be snug enough so i don't have to keep adjusting it like i do when wearing my RS.

Like they say..if it isn't SNUG,it isnt' SNUGG! :D

Here are some of SNUGG MT pictures to dwell or drool upon...

* now you know why it is hard for me to make up my mind LOL!

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