January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010

Wow...my 2009 started with me getting pregnant with Akif. Now...2010..my baby yg dah besar, Hakimi is starting Standard One. How time flies~

I'm a day late to welcome 2010 coz i 'accidentally' caused me + kimi to suffer from a tummy ache. Nasib baik kimi kena sikit je. Ye lah...today dia kena attend his introduction class at his new school. Lagipun, i ate a little bit more than him so..padan pun mine was worst ;P. It was due to the hard boiled egg that i mashed to make sandwiches. The eggs must have gone bad but tak perasan huhu..

Anyway...2009..many beautiful & meaningful memories. 2010...new challenges i'm sure. Are you ready? Am i? Bring it on...

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