January 21, 2010


Kedai Chomel is having its Giveaway!

Too many cute stuffs to choose from. There are Nursing Covers, Felt Alphabets, Fabric Alphabets, Nursing Clip, Paci Clip and also Burp Cloth.

However, madam giver said participants can only pick one item only to blog on. Hmm..very hard. The nursing covers are all pretty, very tempting to go for that. The nursing clips..well those could definitely replace my DIY nursing clip made of en.AJ's biz tags :D.

After giving it a hard thought, i'll definitely go for the CHOMEL FABRIC ALPHABETS (A to Z).

1.I have just started homeschooling my darling Hafiy on ABCs. These colourful alphabets would definitely catch Hafiy's attention and makes learning more fun & interesting for him. Some more..i too want to avoid from getting hurt if Hafiy decided to throw his ABCs at me like Pn. Erni Fadzilah :D

2. It'll be more meaningful cause it is not something for myself but for my adorable Hafiy (though i would love to have my hands on those NC or at least the clips ;) )

If you want to know more about the giveaway, you can go here.

Click Kedai Chomel to see their collection.

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