September 30, 2010

Fabric Gift Card

A friend ordered a tote bag as birthday present for her mom. The bag was mentioned in my previous post here. Since she is currently in Manchester, she has also asked for a gift card to be included together with her gift. Making a card using fabric scraps didn't crossed my mind until i stumbled upon a tutorial on how to make one. You can find the tutorial here - Quilted Notecards.

Now that i have made one, I simply love it. Gotta get more fancy cards & start making more of em ;).

Other crafters that have also made cards from fabric scraps, among the many are myBotang and tinihani.

Love note : Do share your experience of making fabric cards. Btw Sue, if you are reading this, memang la syok jahit atas kertas hehehe


  1. nice matching gift card.. kawaii..
    *different experience kan sewing on papers.. i wonder what sewing on plastic would feel like..* :D

  2. Thanks sue..hehehe
    Have always wanted to try after reading your post tapi tak terbuat. Bila dah try..seronok pulak.

    Sewing on plastic...hmmm..u try dulu then let me know lah ;)



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