September 28, 2010

So long and thank you old friend..& Welcome to a new one :)

I've had it for almost two weeks now but only now do I have the time to blog about it. Since raya, my CELCOM (saja nak tulis besar2) broadband service were beyond bad! To upload even a single raya picture on my Facebook took forever. Only last week, the service got better. Since i live somewhere a little off-skirt of KL, i can't complain much.

Brother NV 50

Back to my new buddy. It's a brother NV-50. The purchase was not planned. Though I have been wanting to ask for buy a new machine as an addition to the basic 'antique' machine that i have been using. I didn't plan for it to happen this soon. But i didn't have choice. I have mentioned here that the machine i used, cik Singer was my mother's. And it's almost half my age. Due to an overwhelming response for pre-raya orders , cik Singer decided to go on a strike. And all pre-raya orders were due latest by a week before raya. Nothing I did can make it run again. I had no choice but to send it for repair.

My old buddy Singer 2105

The uncle at Singer, Seri Serdang managed to revive my sweet old machine back to 'life'. But with a condition though - "Ini mesin sudah lama. Boleh jam lagi bila-bila masa". Well, my concerns were to finish all remaining orders & my kiddos' baju melayu. I prayed hard that she can at least bertahan until all is done. Though Cik Singer sometimes did went out of tune, my sewing missions were accomplished. Cik Singer's last assignment was the Baju Melayu(s). Jasamu ku kenang cik Singer!!! Now she just sits there...retired from her service. Thought of trading her in but decided to just keep her.

Initially, i had set my eyes on Singer Confidence. After giving it a long thought, and advises from others, i decided to go for a Brother NV-50. Price wise, the two are almost the same. Equally known for their name & good after sales service. However, NV-50 offers a lot more features than Singer Confidence. Hence I decided to go for the one than offers more for my money :).

Having using a basic machine for so long (with only FIVE choices of stitches), NV-50 is totally a new experience all over. Dah la computerised, ada 135 stiches to choose from! I kept wondering..apa aku nak buat dgn patterns banyak-banyak tu? Hehehe.. Still learning & getting used to all the fancy-shmancy buttons. Amazed at how much it can do, how smooth it runs...everything is at a touch of a button. No knob to turn except for the handwheel...only if necessary. Oh..and I love that it sews buttonholes in only 1 step ( previously it was 4 steps with cik Singer).

Singer has only 5 patterns to choose from

NV-50 comes with 135 patterns

Now that I have this superb new buddy, I am wishing for more beautiful creations to come and for more time to make them too ;)

Oh..and the first project i worked on using my new machine was a  beautiful tote bag in the gorgeous Dandy Damask Print..ordered by a friend who is now in Manchester, for her mother's birthday. Thanks Hana for your order!

Love note : Sorry for the long nonsense post. Hope you were not bored ;)


  1. nice.. hope to see many more yummy products soon..

  2. baru la nampak cik abang nih :) Congratulations on the upgrade.

  3. @ Mila : TQ! Boleh la share tips yek :)

    @ Sue : Thanks! InsyaAllah ;)

    @ Rozi : Hehehe...lama kena simpan. kalau tempoyak pun dah tak leh makan ;P

  4. sama cam sy punya. Best guna cuma mungkin sbb portable, dia slowlah sikit :)

  5. Hi Ayu! Oh..penah cuba industrial ke? Org kata industrial nye laju. Tapi utk naza, yg portable nye speed pun tak terkejar..lagi kan industrial hehehe ;).

    Boleh la ramai2 buat club mesin brother kan? ;P



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