September 25, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Umair Akif!

picture credit to google image

Around this time, same date last year, i was waiting for my turn to see my O&G, Dr. Fatimah. It was on the 6th day of Syawal 1430. I was not due until another 2 weks plus. Akif was supposed to be due in mid Oct 2009. However during the check-up, I was already 4cm dilated. Immediately I was sent to the labour room. Skipping the in labour part, Umair Akif was safely delivered at 4.23pm on the same day.

Now, one year later, Umair Akif is one unstoppable little explorer! He started cruising at 10 months and were already running at 11 months. He also loves to wrestle with his elder brothers. And He loves to eat too. Tak boleh tengok orang goyang mulut, tup!tup! terus ada kat sebelah.Pandai minta pula tu. Kalau tak dapat...will sure to cry one hehehe.. He has even had his first taste of durian- which brought pleasure to his Ayah because Ayah is the only one in our little family who eats the king of fruits. Yup! My two elder sons and I don't eat durians.

This picture was taken this morning. 
He is giving others 'that' if were we going to take away his biscuits.

Akif 's birthday also means our breastfeeding journey has successfully reached the 1 year mark. Half accomplished, another half to go. It has been a wonderful experience & journey so far. It took a lot of patience, determination, sacrifice and a lot of help for us to get this far. Alhamdulillah! Looking forward to more wonderful breastfeeding moments....

More pictures will be added later. Have yet to decide on the flavour for his birthday cake. Any suggestions? The birthday boy can yet eat the cake anyway.  Maybe just a taste. His two brothers have suggested a few flavours that THEY like though hehehe..

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