October 26, 2010

I finally bought these and made these...

I have been avoiding doing patchwork before. Just because i did not have a cutter set. Yes, all this while I have been cutting the squares / rectangles for bag making using Mr. scissors. To me having a cutter was not as essential as having a scissors. You still get to cut. But it takes an extra step before you get to cut. Need to trace the measurement one by one on to your fabric before you cut. With a cutter & a grid ruler, you save time because you can measure & cut at the same time.

After much hesitation & resistance, I finally decided to go for it. And I'm very happy I made the purchase. (Thanks to my PIC who never seemed to stop convincing me that it was time for me to have one hehehe). The first thing I made was a couple of potholders for a friend's wedding. It was my first potholders too. Have always wanted to make one for myself. But haven't come around to making one yet. These potholders almost didn't make it to the wedding hehehe..

Oh..and i made a matching card to go with my gift. Love it!

I'm off to play with my cutter now. Later....

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  1. its nice to have kan... but without it you can still go on with you project

    Nice pot holder.. looking for more patchwork project ler lepas ni yerrr

  2. i dont have any of these gadgets.. kalau dah beli cutter tu kena ada board tu jugaklah ye? mahal ke

  3. @ Mila : Yes, as u said it's nice to have. And kalau takde pun, takde hal punya. Macam sebelum ni. With these tools, cepat sikit je lah kerja sbb dah skip step measure & tanda tu.

    Hehe..thanks & insyaAllah..;)

    @ Haida : Tools nih kalau takde pun tak apa. Awak pun buat bag byk okey je. More of a kemudahan rather than keperluan. And kerja lebih cepat.

    Normally, good to have the whole set - cutter, board (self healing) and grid ruler 6"x 24". Price range dlm RM180-RM250 mcm tuh. Try tgk kat zilakassim.com. Dia pun ada jual selain craft shops lain mcm pondok craft, anna patchwork & Craftworld. Kat craftworl if u purchase >RM100 boleh dpt disc card. So purhase seterusnya ada 10% disc kalau tak silap.

    *mak..aii..panjangnye jawab hehehe*

  4. betul,ada cutter tu lagi senang dan cepat.Terutama kalau nak buat patchwork. Ayu pun ada satu tapi dah tumpul..malas nak pergi beli :P

    btw, potholder tu cantik. Dah lama teringin nak buat tapi belum terbuat lagi. Kang buat cantik2, syg nak guna takut kotor..hehe.

    ohya, nanti naza tukat blog ayu pd add baru ye. Tq:)

  5. Now PIC u tu dah takde mende nak ngomel lagi la hehehehe.... It’s a good investment. Congratulations on the new addition to your sewing kit. Potholder pakai designer fabric... Hias kitchen wall la jadinye... Tak tergamak nak pakai tu... All the same, It’s gojes! Looking forward to more patchwork projects from u... (err... cam siaran ulangan dari mila@rimbun je)

  6. Cantiknya the potholders and card..

    and congratulations on the new addition... :)

  7. @ Ayu : thanks sudi singgah. Ok dah tukar add baru ;)

    @ Rozi : Thank you! Akhirnya ...hehehe... Takde nak ngomel takpe..as long as 'Brainstorming' session sentiasa on :)

    @Anic : Thanks..oklah tu kot utk org yg baru mencuba2 kan? ;)

  8. lawanye pot holder you..i got so many scraps lagi ni.pack pun xsmpt iskkk



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