October 14, 2010

Pressies for my besties :)

I was invited by Nadiah, my best friend since childhood for 'kenduri doa selamat' ( a small get together feast to recite prayers -in this case, for safe journey & safe return) last friday as her parents & her mother-in-law will be leaving for Mecca soon to perform their haj . And, since the day before was her birthday, I decided to whipped up something for her - a Money Purse. I didn't make just one though. Another bf, Iman celebrated her birthday during the Eid holidays so a Money Purse is a great belated birthday gift for her too.

Initially I wanted to make & give them as Raya (Eid) presents but I was swamped with orders and datelines in Ramadan so I didn't have the time to even start. When I got the invitation, I know I have to work on them as soon as possible.So here they are..

 I don't fancy wallet (anymore). I prefer one purse like this to put all my cash in ( this can even fit small envelopes for cash management purposes ;). And a card holder to put all my cards in.

I made two more Money Purses after that. The dotted one was for a dear friend, Aofah who has been supporting my handmade ever since I started making them. She ordered with me thrice and will be ordering again soon, insyaAllah ;).  Recently I made a shout out at Facebook looking for a preloved safety gate. She answered. And to my suprised, she gave it for freeeeeee ;D. So i decided to make one for her to say thank you.

The one in damask print is for ME hehehe...This is one of the print that made me fell in love with designer cottons in the first place. I just had to make something for myself in this design. The Money Purse was a perfect choice *happy*

Love Note : To Nadiah, Iman and Aofah, if you want a matching card holder to go with the purse, you can ORDER one ya! Heheheheh


  1. what a wonderful idea... love the idea.. but attaching the zipper in the coin section seems difficult..is it..?

  2. cantik cantik... great job.. ni result dr brainstroming ngan kak rozi ke nii hihihi

  3. @ Sue : Thank you Sue! Zipper part utk coin compartment tu mmg a bit difficult . Kalau utk pouch tu simple jek. I ikut tutorial by sewchristine. Here's the link for the tut http://sewchristine.blogspot.com/2008/03/walletpurse-with-coin-compartment.html.
    Terlupa plak nak link dlm post aiihhh..

    @ Mila : TQ!TQ!...Hahaha..brainstorming tu over many things..Selalunye we all exchange views, discuss on how to improvise, to add value to our handmades..hehehhe..

  4. Oooh so pretty! But it looks so difficult to make...

  5. Gorgeous!! Love the snap buttons Naza great job!

  6. @ Zara : Thanks for dropping by! A bit tricky on the sewing the zipper but other than that..it was not that hard, really! Well..sewing quilts (like what u are good at) is much more challenging to me ;)hehehe

    @Zura : Thank you Zura :D! I love snap buttons too..



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