November 10, 2010

For Mi Amour

He turned 34 on Monday. Have yet to celebrate cause we are all a little under the weather at the moment. The man himself have been whispering since yesterday as he had temporarily lost his voice. And of  this morning, I have finally regained my sense of smell & taste..Alhamdulillah ( had a bad blocked nose ;P).

Back to the titled story, I made me man a wallet. He is very picky when it comes to wallets. He does not wear the normal men wallets we normally see in the market. He would always want to find something different. If he couldn't, he would rather go without one. Yup! And he has been walletless for months now. The last one he own was stolen.

I didn't know what to get him for his birthday. And since I have not sewn anything for him yet, I thought I'd make him a wallet. This was made using a denim fabric bought from Daiso. The design is similar to his last one. Can fit his phone inside too. Well, the wallet is actually more for him to put his business cards, his driving license and his MyKad. Money? Was never in the wallet.

Personalised the wallet with scraps I bought from MyBotanG. The 3 fishes represent our 3 boys while the big fish represents me-lah hahaha. It has 3 slip pockets - one at the front &one at the back for his business cards while another one is inside for his IDcards.  Added a swivel hook so mr.Hubby can hooked on his thumbdrives.

The best part about making this wallet was, it was done in a day, 2 days earlier than his birthday. I couldn't wait 2 days so...gave him the next morning. And he used it right away :).

To my dear hubby,
Happy birthday!We love you very..very .much!


  1. what a long birthday note to the birthday guy hihi. I wonder, tak hilang ke duit kalu tak letak dlm wallet yer?

  2. Hehehe..bila lagi nak cerita pasal en.hubby. That i don't know la Mila. That time when his wallet was stolen, the culprit didn't get anything (cash) but his MyKad, License and ATM card were gone. Dari segi ni bagus la kot hehehe..

  3. What a thoughtful gift.. and tailor made especially to meet his needs!! what a perfect wife :D

    Hope you all feel better soon and get to celebrate his birthday properly.. happy 34th Amin san.. :D (kat skolah dulu rasa x penah or maybe sepatah dua aje pun penah bercakap ngan Amin.. hehehe)

  4. Thank you Sue :)
    Alhamdulillah & InsyaAllah.
    Bday wish dah disampaikan ;)
    *Biasalah..kat sekolah mmg macam tu, jalan tgk lantai..hehehe

  5. hi jalan-jalan carik kawan...tmabha kengkawan yang ada...boleh idok?
    untungnye encik hubby..dapat wify handy manny..( of my daughters favourite cartoon character..)yang baik budi..( i rhyming???)



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