November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Ma!

It's my beloved Ma's birthday today. Made a huggy ruffle pillow for her. When I saw the Ginger Tiles print from Sandi Henderson at Lovemelots, I see my mother's name printed all over it heheheh ;P. Used the Ginger Tiles for the front side and Amy Butler's Memento in Burgundy for the ruffles & for the back side of the pillow.

Ties for closure

I was inspired by the way Rozi personalises pillows for her customer (you can read about it here), so I did the same with this pillow. But since I don't  have an embroidery machine, I just used the alphabet stitches available on my machine. It may not be as pretty as if it was embroidered but I love it :D.

As for the pillow case, I fell in love with the one made by However, Idid not use the measurement given as this pillow is a little smaller than the normal sleeping pillow. I made this 20" x 16". Oh..and I also skipped the quilting part (as I have yet to master that ;).

And...I also made a matching birthday card for her too. Can't wait to give Ma her present. Hope she's going to love it ;).

Dearest Ma,
Happy birthday!
Kami doakan Ma  diberikan kesihatan yang baik, dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan
sentiasa didalam rahmat& keberkatan Allah didunia & akhirat.
We love you Ma!

Update : This pillow is entering the Blogger's  Pillow Party for January 2011 hosted by Stitched in Color.



  1. Cantiknya Naza! Love the combo tu and the pillow looks very comfy..bertuah your mom :)

  2. @ hoyoyi : I love it too :). Thanks for dropping by.

    @Zura : Thanks Zura :). I pun suka sgt combo tu. Bila peluk, rasa macam tak nak lepas jek hehehe

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Aunty! Love the pillow. Maybe I should look at the fabric collection while in Malaysia to make some combos for future orders. hehe :P

  4. waaaa..cantiklah. suka kain tu :)tp kekadang nk beli kain mahal wat benda yg besar cam syg je..huhu. (ni kes tak cukup duit..hihi.)

  5. Thanks Ayu :)
    Jatuh cinta pandang pertama dgn kain Garden Tiles tu. Bantal bukan standard size, kecik sikit so guna 2 x 1/2yd for the main panels. Yang lain2 tu scrap pun cukup.

  6. So pretty, but the rules do require that you create a NEW post to enter the contest. I'll have to delete your pillow now. If you do a new post, please add yourself back in!



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