November 23, 2010

Boys and Pants

Here are my boys.
The boys are wearing the pants I made for them.

When you have boys (THREE to be exact), there are not many types of clothing you can sew for them. It is either a top or a pant as they wear tops (shirt or a t-shirt) and pants all day, every day. At this moment, I'm kinda obsessed in making pants for them (since I have not learned nor tried making shirts for boys yet hehehe). I made three 3/4 pants out of 1 meter of grey linen fabric. How great is that? Sangat2 berbaloi!

Akif in his Big Butt Baby Pants. Just a plain pant with a contrast band at the cuffs. Love the owls print :). Bought the pants pattern at It was love at first sight when I first saw the pants she made. Super cute!

Cheeky Hafiy posing for his Mami. Hafiy's is just a simple straight forward pant.Also with owls print at the cuffs. Made it wide-leg so he will be comfortable running around, jumping up and down in it ;).

And for Hakimi, I added cargo/ bellow pockets in front for him to put his knick-knacks in. Used the fish print fabric I bought from MyBotanG for the flap & snap buttons for closure, so that whatever Kimi put inside his pockets will not fall out.

These pants are now in the laundry basket. Can't wait to wash them & put them on the kids again and again and again, LOL!

Love note : Have I told you that I love the linen fabric so much? Well, I loveee the linen fabric so much! And planning to get more yippeeee...


  1. where did you get the grey linen, looking for it for ages, tak jumpa lah.

  2. Mila,
    Kat Kamdar la dear.
    And now u can also buy it online @ Kamdar online ;). Cotton linen btw. Sangat sedap& selesa!

  3. beb, been meaning to ask, bbb pants tu mmg jadi 3/4 pants ke? bukan full length pants? or u modify jadi 3/4 pants?

  4. Oh..hehe..
    Pattern full length la beb.
    I yg buat jadi 3/4 pants ;)



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