December 15, 2010's here!

Itsy Doodles's new label.

Rozi of Rozi's Needlework got hers last week. And she already blogged about it here. Coincidently we ordered our labels at about the same time. So we I was expecting my label to arrive...about the same time as hers (not 4 days apart ;P ).

Anyway, am sooooo happy on how the new labels turned out. This will be for something new, soon to be available at Itsy Doodles Shop, insyaAllah. Still trying very hard to make sure things goes according to plan. It's kind of challenging though, (and hard) when you are a full time mom..and your babies and your home are your priorities. What's the school holidays...I really really need to plan my work wisely ;).

By the way, this label was done by kucinpurple. Hop over to their site to get yours done today.

Love note :

Click here to view Itsy Doodles's latest creation - The Itsy Hobo Bag :)



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