December 1, 2010

Lunch & Appointment

Went all the way to Shah Alam for lunch yesterday. At a not so newly opened restaurant, Bouquet Garni. Amin had an appoinment with his friend, Shah who's one of the important person there (sorry, I don't know his professional position there hehehe).

The kids

The Lunch

Wide food selection

Delicious & Tasteful Food
 Kimi wanted to eat Nasi Lemak. Served with 2 pieces of fried chicken, a hard boiled egg, sambal on the side & lotsa fried anchovies, groundnut & sliced cucumber. I ordered Chicken fingers from the Kids Meal Menu. for Hafiy. Very crispy and the serving was enough for 2 small kids. For myself was the Chef's Special Pasta- Pasta served with cili padi and coconut milk gravy (ala2 masak lemak gitu)..I LOVE IT! Amin had a bowl of Soto...It was delicious. and love the super large bergedil :). for drinks..well, forgot to take pictures of those. The kids went for Milo & Sirap Bandung. I had Pandan Ice Tea while Amin had Mango juice.

The Appointment...

...was on wallpapers for the restaurant. Wallcovering Consultation & Services -something of my husband's interest and he does it on a part time basis. These are the latest designs. Very chic & gorgeous. And affordable too.  Interested? Give me a buzz. Consultation is FOC by the way ;).


  1. Mila,
    Memang sedap - dilihat, dimakan & the serving is worth paying for.



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