December 17, 2010

Hafiy's Sunhat

After 5 looong months as UFO (UnFinished prOject) , I finally got it done.*Happy* :D. Thanks to Tinihani for hosting Jom Jahit on Sunhat for this month. Though  it's a little overdue but better late than never, right? FYI, submission was due on Dec 14th hehehe..

The jeans fabric was from my old pair of jeans and the applique..was from an old t-shirt Hakimi & Hafiy used to wear. Tak sempat nak turun kat Akif sebab dah terlalu comot ;P. 

I used the pattern / tutorial by Sew Much Ado. Though it says that this sunhat can fit a 2T-3T toddler head (with head circumference of 19" or so), my 7Y old son can also wear this hat. So, Abang Kimi has also requested a sunhat him :).

Here's a picture of Hafiy and Akif in their sunhats. Akif is wearing a store bought sunhat-which used to be Hafiy's :).

What excites me the most about this hat was....I get to use my new label...Muahahahaha...

SoTinihani, here's my submission for this month Jom Jahit.


  1. cute!! love the reversible idea, 2 in 1 gitu :D good job on re-purposing your jeans *thumbs up* and the truck applique is sooo adorable *if girl sure dia nak applique heart/flower*

  2. super cute.. suka gmbr truck tu.. idea yg sgt bagus utk recycle.. thanks for sharing... nak carik bajuk lama dlm kotak la... hehe..:)



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