April 12, 2011

Dinner and of Meeting New Aquaintances

Had makan-makan at the Famous Hj. Sharin Low, a newly opened Muslim Chinese Restaurant in Bangi last Sunday night. It was a special treat by mr.hubby's friend, Jamili, the towkay of Asyimi Style Network. Another associate, Hafiz was also there. All three brought their families along.

It was my first time meeting Jamili's and Hafiz's the wife,Syima and Izza. Didn't get to chat much as we arrived late. By the time we got there, the others already started eating.

Here are some pictures I managed to snap there. Super love Akif's picture here :).

I managed to whipped up a gift for the two ladies on the morning of the day itself.All done in an hour. Made them each an identical wristlet. I used the swirl cotton fabric I have in my stash. Had it for quite sometime but didn't know what to make out of it until now. Sweet aren't they? :)

To Izza & Syima, it was a pleasure meeting you both. Hope you two like your gift.


  1. ha ahh sweet .... i like .. sejuk ja the colors !


  2. swirl itu.. saya pun ada dan simpan smpai sekarang.. haha.. mmg comel la buat wrislet camtu.. :D

  3. @ K.Ann : Sejuk naa..mata ;)

    @ Zila/Mama Daniel : Lawa kan print ni? Tak jumpa dah sekarang. Dulu beli aje sbb lawa tapi tak tahu nak buat apa pun. Glad I decided to make a wristlet out of it. Nmpk very feminine :)



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