April 15, 2011

Working from the dining table

I have back problem. Therefore i prefer to cut fabrics on the dining table. So what i normally do is cover the space I would like to use with a big brown paper and then put my cutting mat on it...even when I don't cut with a rotary cutter.

I'm am currently working on some ready stock items for Mother's day for the shop in between orders. What about you? What have you been busy with lately?
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  1. hmm .. kang cutting mat jadi table mat pulak .. habih tumpah milo nasi toyu .... ikan masin .... telur goreng .. (saja ja nak gempak .. hahaha)


  2. Haha..tu lah tu. Alhamdulillah takat ni blom lagi jadi kain milo butler or telur goreng miller (kain amy butler & michael miller). Nak buat mcmana..tu meja meja besar yg ada hehehe

  3. love that fabric....tak buat pants ker?

  4. Thanks mamikelate :). Kain tu enough for bags aje. Pants..ada in waiting list- for the boys. PJ pants...hopefully can start soon



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