April 1, 2011

Celebrate The Boy : Favourite Roundup

Celebrate The Boy month ended about 2 weeks ago. And I am already missing it huhuhu.. So many things to sew, to try and make but so little time in hand. Though the party has ended, it will not stop me from celebrating. I want every month to be the boy month :). Well, at least I can try.

Here are some of my favourite that was featured on MADE and Made-by-Rae during the 'celebration' ;)

1. Refashion : Shirt to Jacket 2. Lined Pants 3. Button Fly Pants 4. Boy Shortalls  5. Lego Sack

Do give any of these tutorial a try. And I you do, please let me know ya. I'll definitely be posting if I get the chance to make some too :) 

Have a great weekend ahead!

1 comment:

  1. Missing it it too!
    Susahnyer nak cari tutorials on boy things!



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