July 21, 2011

A clutch purse is..

a medium-to-small-sized handbag with a short handle, designed to be carried (clutched) in one's hand (source here).

I have before sewn a cosmetic clutch but not a clutch purse. And I have sewn wrislets but it seemed that the wristlets are more casual that formal. So I decided to come up with a semi formal-formal kind of clutch to be added to the Itsy Doodles bags collection.

And for this, I tried on two different design of clutches. The first was inspired by Zura lovemelots. I had seen her made this kind of clutches a while back. She named them Cherie :). Here and here are some of the beautiful Cheries she made that was totally stunning.

These are what my version of the Cherie looks like. I named mine the Glam Clutch ;).

As for the second design, it it something much simpler but yet as lovely. This was partly inspired by my Moon-ie bag. Didn't turned out as I imagined it should on my first try. After some adjustment, the result was splendid! *happy*

From my first try...shape was kinda funny ;)

I named this clutch, Eleganz.

I had so much fun sewing the two designs. But my favourite is Eleganz. I just love the way it stands..with the pleats and all. How about you? Which of the two you captures your heart?

Ready made Glam Clutch and Eleganz are available at The Shop. Do come over as you might find one that catches your eyes *wink*


  1. Sew love : Thank you! Singgah la lagi ya :)

  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by. Samalah kita ;)

  3. Wah cantik la both Eleganz dan Glam...

  4. Aza .. rajin sungguh Aza ...sekali buat banyak pula tu ... I love eleganze too .. cuma tak pernah reti la pakai clutch !!



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