July 7, 2011

Why buy when you can make your own...

BAG! What else? Hehehehe...Yup! I made myself a new bag recently. It was to replace my Carlo Rino, where most of its handle have peeled off. The handle was not made of leather and was coated with thin shiny material. I have not been wearing it long pun but since the peeling gave the bag an ugly look,I guess it was time to put it away.

I already have a Mama Bag (see here) and Weekend Bag (see here). So what I needed was a bag for my quick outings like maybe to the nearby supermarket or to wear when I'm going out for dinner, where all I need to bring along are my purse, my phone and maybe a pack of tissues.

So I made this bag and I named it the Pesona Bag. It's made using corduroy combined with designers cotton. Closes with magnetic snap button and has one zippered pocket inside.

See how it perfectly fits my purse and my Tab :), And a pack of tissue.

Pesona bag is now available at Itsy Doodles Shop. Hop over to have a look or custom order one to suit your personality :).


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  2. Lovely Corduroy bag! Sadly saya ado kain corduroy tapi kaler putih...:(

    Tanpa tersedar dah berbulan bulan guna handbag sendiri...Clinic Bag, Outing bag....lagi puas hati...gudbye leather bags..heheh

  3. Thank you Doc!
    Alamak! Putih susah le..cepat kotor nanti.
    Kan..mmg puas hati sbb memenuhi keperluan & kehendak. Skrg tgk bag kat kedai mmg le teringin tapi the thought 'ni sendiri pun boleh buat' mesti terlintas terus tak jadi. Well, unless mmg betul2 berkenan lah *wink*



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