July 11, 2011

Why I super love zipper pouches?

Because of the endless way to use them.You can practically pun anything you want in it. Put some cash, it becomes a purse. Put some jewelry, it becomes a jewelry bag. Stash in some panadols, band aids, minyak kapak, it becomes an emergency bag or your personal 1st aid kit.

Before I can sew one, my zipper pouch collection comes mostly from my mom. Whenever she travels, be it around Malaysia or abroad, she never fails to take home a stack of zipper pouches as souvenirs for her herself, daughters and also her colleagues.

A part from the various ways you can use it for, as mentioned above, zipper pouches are also great for keeping your bag tidy. So recently I sew a few sets of zipper pouches in various sizes for the shop.Below pictures show how zipper pouches can help you organize your bag.

Next is the picture of one of the zipper pouch set that are available at the shop. This cute  fabric has pictures of handbags printed all over it. It comes in two colours - pink and blue. Being a fan of pink, I bought the pink one of course ;). What do you think? Cute, kan? I meant the fabric design...not the pouches. But if you think the pouches are also cute, thank you hehehehe *wink*



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